The Last Feast

September 15, 2010

Running thought the forest, the sound of my heart beating hard against my chest, the only thing I can hear, and the branches of the dead trees stretching low and scratching at my face, although the pain felt like nothing compared to fear in my mind as I ran faster than I had ever run before. I knew that running was pointless and with no doubt, was doomed to fail me as an escape, but right now all my body wanted to do was run.

The ground was covered in shallow puddles, which splashed up my legs as my feet hit the ground harder and harder with each step I took in an attempt to get away.

The thoughts clouding in my head as I effortlessly glided towards my victim were those of wondering. I wondered why he was running so hard and so fast to try to escape.

The moon was shining through the trees and faintly lighted up the rough path my victim had chosen to take. The arms of the trees bent out of my way as I moved through the ancient forest, where the trees that stood there were older than me. Their roots ran deep into the ground, and would be extremely difficult for even an immortal, such as myself, to unearth. But my attention was pulled from my quick distraction, back to my victim. He was slowing and becoming more and more frightened as the pursuit continued deeper into the forest.

My mind was so focused on simply running, and getting away from the creature, I had not noticed the large, deep gash in my left leg that had, more than likely happened from the rotting wood of the forest, was bleeding profusely, and flowing into the mossy ground leaving an obvious trail for the creature to follow. The creature was, clearly, that of the unnatural. No human could have looked at me with the same hunger and strength that the creature did not to long ago…..

I thought of this all as a simple game. A game of survival. I knew that my victim would most certainly think of this as a murder. If he was to starve to the near point of death, and a helpless bird was to fly oblivious of any danger, into his home, he would defiantly kill and eat to survive. Why should it be any different for me?

I do not hold any type of grudge against this man. Nor would I feel any other urge to kill him if it were for any other reason other than to feed.

I could feel the creature steadily advancing behind me. I could hear certain noises and sounds I couldn’t hear before.

I suddenly felt as if I could, single-handedly, fight the creature off, with a hope of succeeding. The urge to turn around was growing stronger as I did not stop myself from slowing to an almost dead halt. My feet slowed and I even caressed a small, brightly colored orange flower that was hanging from a near-by tree.

A very peculiar sensation arose in me as I sensed my prey slowing.
I could smell small amounts of confidence growing somewhere deep inside him, as if he was a worthy opponent for me to engage battle with.

I slowed and turned and stared at the ground, my mind filling with rage. I felt so much of nothing but anger, and this strong emotion was so overwhelming, I had almost lost my balance all together.

I stared into the dark opening of trees where I could hear, what I defiantly knew, was the creature approaching.

I started to move slower, the moonlight thrown messily onto my victim. I took the time to carefully study his details.

His hair was short and brown, falling around his slightly tanned face. He had deep gashes and welts form where the trees had sliced and whipped his skin as he tried to get away. I could still see the fear in his eyes and I knew the courage I thought I smelt was a failed attempt to reassure himself of safety.

The closer the creature moved towards me, the colder and darker the forest had seem to become.

I looked at the beautiful creature…and knew that I would lose.

Lose my fight. Lose my life. Lose my soul.

I advanced on him, slower and slower. Biding my time and making him linger on my every movement, every step, and every breath I drew in. Now I could smell his fear. I could see the veins in his neck, pulsating harder each time his heart beat. I will have him. In a sense, I already do. He is powerless against me.

Now I could feel the cool night air on my neck. I knew that to the creature this was a fox hunt. Making slow and sure movements, and letting no emotion show on her pale pure white dead face.

I moved closer and breathed in the fear. Breathed in the scent of a scared and lost soul. I thrived on this feeling of power and control. Now I was but an arms length away from my victim.
“Good evening.” I said in a calm, collected voice.
“You shall be my last victim. My last feast. My last kill. Because I have spent the first years of my vampire life selfishly taking lives, making so many suffer without any remorse. I am looked upon as a disgrace, looked upon in an extremely vile manner. I had no choice. I am what I am against my own will. Forever and for the rest of eternity shall I hear the horrendous and terrified screams of my victims echo in my mind.

And now I shall feast on your blood. But I shall continue to feed until you heart stops and I am dealt death. I will be in eternal darkness. It is where I belong. And I thank you greatly for this.”

“Your welcome?” I said confused, frightened, and in a state of shock.

As he drew closer and closer to me, I suddenly felt so cold and alone that I wanted to let out a final scream. Just one more gasp towards being a human being. I would have screamed bloody murder, if it weren’t for the paralyzing agony I was feeling as she slowly lifted me up by the throat and held me close to her beautiful dead face, so that I could see her dark, cold, empty eyes.

I bent his neck over to one side and smelt his skin without any struggle, for he knowing I could easily crush him so get what I wanted with a mere flick of the wrist.

I felt his body at the mercy of mine. I sank my teeth into his cold neck and felt the warm liquid run past my lips and down my throat. I felt his heart beat against my dead chest which sent me into a quick, deep thought on how it was once to be human.

How easy and carefree I was. I thought about the sunlight and the warmth I once felt and will never feel again. The simple creatures frolicking in any possible open pasture. Watching butterflies with my now dead boyfriend.

I, for a split second, thought of letting him go. But quickly realized that I couldn’t. I needed to be put into darkness for ever, and continued to feed.

His heart started to slow and yet again I had an instinctive urge to let go but I knew this this time it was different. The last time I could feel this way.

A sinking feeling followed as his heart drew to a slow halt. I dropped the corpse to the ground and staggered into the darkness.

I groped around in search for something to offer me stability.
I found nothing. I crawled on the ground until I hit something hard, which stopped me from moving any further. I looked up to see it was a familiar grave stone.


The end.

The author's comments:
I was like 9 when i wrote this and im positive i for got a word or two in the last few paragraphs...and as for typos and such..ive never bothered to go back and fix them. sorry

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