The Bats of Wither's Cemetery

September 12, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a clear Halloween night. All was well until the town fortuneteller called in the mayor. She foretold of many people in danger of a witches spell taking part at midnight. Of course the mayor didn’t believe her. He didn’t believe in witches, let alone psychics. So the town was left as it was, no one warned.

At ten o’clock p.m., two young men set off to town. Not knowing where they were after thirty minutes, they stumbled upon a house with a purple glow. They knew not of the townspeople to know whose house it was. They knocked on the door and, minutes later, a woman with a shaky appearance opened it. She talked with them for minutes, and then asked them to come in for a cup of tea. The men went missing shortly after eleven o’clock. The woman opened the door and two bats flew out, screeching to the heavens above.

They flew over a sign reading “Wither’s Cemetery” and then continued to the court house. The mayor was still there. When the bats flew in he screamed with horror running out to the fortuneteller. He asked who had cursed him with the bats. She said “The bats are the spirits of the witch’s innocents.” Confused he asked where the witch resided. She said it was a place with an appearance of a cemetery, but holds a smell of honey. Also there was a house not fitted for a graveyard there. She explained that he would have to travel far past the sign to get through the mirage. He set off, not wanting to hear another word.

He came to a secondary cemetery that no one he knew resided. It was Wither’s Cemetery, a Cemetery passed on through a series of people who were accused of raising the dead and controlling spirits. He traveled past the smell of honey and the mirage, then came to the door of the so-called witch’s house. He knocked on the door, and minutes later a woman came to answer it.

She invited him inside. He didn’t accept the invitation. Se became angry, shouting words of power. These words shook the earth below his feet. She brought the spirits of the dead to attack him. He ran into the cemetery, being hit multiple times by the spirits. He soon tripped and hit his head on a huge stone. His head cracked open, and within a few seconds, he was dead. His spirit rose, only to become a bat. The bat flew directly to the witch and bit her, destroying her. The witch turned into a pile of dust. Then the bat flew to a cave not far from her house, where it found millions of tiny bats of the spirits of the witches innocents. The cave grew brighter as the bats turned into the spirits of whom they were before. These spirits tend to haunt every graveyard that exists, since the witch’s power controls them no more.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a friend, who rushed it as much as she could.

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