What Happened that Sunday

September 3, 2010
By Anonymous

What Happened That Sunday

I woke to the sun just barely shining through our windows, a cool summer breeze lingering throughout the room. I stretched shaking of the grogginess of last nights sleep. The cool morning air arose goose bumps up my arms. I looked over to the beds beside me, All my sisters had awaken. I Saw all of them, except Annie. I have three sisters and two brothers, But Annie and I were inseparable.

“Attached at the hip” Mama always said.
I ponder the thought of where she could be on a Sunday like today. Annie knew we must all do our chores, and prepare breakfast together. She also knew we had church today or as we Amish like to say our Gatherings. I walked to our newly washed clothing. I quickly rearranged my attire, putting on my dress, stalkings, and apron. As I finished dressing I reached for my prayer Kapp, and placed it on my newly combed bun. I looked about the room all sisters here, But still no Annie. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Mama and my other sisters have already started breakfast and Papa was sitting at the kitchen table. I walked over toward my mother,

“Mama , have you seen Annie?” I asked.

”I Sent her out at dawn, to take fresh eggs to the Esh Family”. Well she must be back by now I thought.

“Esther have you seen Annie”? Mama asked Papa.

“Well, I couldn't say I have.” I must go look for Annie.

“Papa do you think that John could possibly hitch the buggy, and take me to the Esh Farm?” I pleaded.

“Yes, you may but hurry home we have a gathering to attend to.”

“Yes sir”. I walked outside and the heat hit me like Papa's belt as we do being scolded. I staggered through the heat and eventually entered the barn. Where is John I thought.

“John? I hollered into the barn. “John, John?”

“Yes Hannah!” I spun to look up in the hayloft . I'm guessing he was putting in hay.

“Papa wants you to take me to the Esh farm to look for Annie.” I said.
“Alright” he smiled as he climbed down the half rotting latter.

John Hitched up the buggy to our old mare Bess. He helped me into the buggy, and he gave the straps a snap and Bess pulled on. The constant bumps of the buggy where making my brain jump around in my head. I had so many thought running through my head the moment we pulled into the Esh farm. Where is Annie? Is she okay?

“Hannah, come along now” John interrupted my thoughts.
We came to the door and knocked ever so slightly. I was looking around at the Esh's farm. It was nice and neat, I was looking into the distance back Where the barn was. Sarah Esh answered the door.

“Can I help you”

“Yes mam, My sister Annie was sent here today to deliver you eggs, has she arrived here?” John asked.

“ John, Annie has not been here.” What, Annie must have been here. Where else can she be? Where is my little sister?

“Well you two must be thirsty do come in an have a glass of lemonade” Mrs. Esh smiled at us.

“Thank you Mrs. Esh.” John walked into the house.

“Hannah are you coming?” John looked at me.

“You go ahead I'll be in, in just a min.” I smiled.
John went ahead and walked in. There is something going on here and I am going to figure it out. I have a bad feeling right now, and I must find Annie.

I walked up toward the red barn. I open the large doors, Whats that. I asked my self. There was something white in the corner of the barn. That looks like a prayer Kapp. I pick it up and it was a prayer Kapp, it wasn't just any Kapp it was Annie's! What is happening here? Annie Where are you, I'm trying to find you? So many thoughts were racing through my mind. My main priority was to find Annie. In the distance deep in the barn I heard a sound. It sounded like a scream. I slowly walked to the back of the barn. My heart was racing like a wild horse running. Its okay Hannah, its okay, I heard Annie's voice in the back of my head. I need You Hannah, where are you? I have to find Annie that's all I can think about. I reached the back of the barn again I herd a faint scream. I was frightened to look over the stall where the noise had come from.
“Annie?” I whispered
I slowly peered over the stall. What is saw will completely change my life. Bound together by the feet and hands was my baby sister.
“Annie?” I was completely dumbfounded. How, Who, there were so many questions. I quickly opened the stall. I looked at my sister, I was really seeing her. Frightened she had cuts on her face and legs. I peeled the tape off her mouth that was containing her words. As I finished untying Annie I picked her up and held her.

“O Hannah why has this happened to me?” cried Annie. She was asking me so many questions that I didn’t have answers to.

“I don't know, but god will help us through this” I tried to smile. I could not convince Annie of this.
“Annie did the Esh's do this to you?” I asked holding back tears.
All she could do was shake her head. Yes!, Are so called friends had tried to kidnap my sister. I must tell John I figured. I picked Annie up, I hurried out of the barn and to the house.

“Please don't take me in there!” Annie screamed.

“I wont Annie I promise to you I wont.” I reassured her. I took Annie to the Buggy and had her lay on the seat. I ran to the house, I barged in I didn't even knock.

“John! Hurry here.”

“What! Is it Hannah!”

“I found her John, I found Annie. The Esh's kidnapped her” I cried

“Hurry come on” I pulled him. We got into the buggy and John Hugged Annie. He raced Bess all the way home.

“Mama, Mama!. We found Annie.” I cried into mama;s arms.

“the Esh's had he tied up and she's hurt.” John said

“ O dear Esther hurry come quick!” Mama yelled

“What is it my love” dad came into the kitchen

“Annie my dear what has happened to you?'

“They hurt me Papa!”
Papa hitched up the buggy and we went straight to the police station, and turned the Esh's in. Come to find out the Esh's where wanted in Oklahoma for seven murder charges.

Five years have passed. And Annie is still suffering from that day. But my family was lucky. I still have my family. Every day I thank god for my sister. So remember keep your family close, you never know when they can be snatched away from you.

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