Different and Inadequate

September 5, 2010
By Canfani BRONZE, San Bernardino, California
Canfani BRONZE, San Bernardino, California
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Writing can lead to words, dimensions...

"You don't know me and that's why you look at me weird. You don't know me, so you make me feel inadequate. Well, my name is Naomi Shafts and I just moved here to Staten Island just for the winter. I'll be out of your hair as soon as Spring hits," Naomi, the strange foriegner that moved to Staten Island, stated. At that very moment that her voice had stopped, the moment that she had closed her mouth, the girl she was speaking to, Claire Tahoe, had punched her right in her gut. She winced with pain, for the punch had enabled her bowel movement to the point in which she had urinated. Naomi screamed with agony and fell to the floor rather harshly while Claire and her gang had fled the scene in which Naomi lay sobbing and bleeding.
The day Naomi had conflict turned into night, the night in which she plotted revenge.

Naomi Shafts had just arrived to Staten Island after she recieved news that she was adopted. Her parents wanted to find a place where she was comfortable(they also wanted to make up for all the years they wasted not telling her that they weren't her biological parents.) They enrolled her into a school called Scarlett High, a place where she called a prison away from home. The day she got punched in the gut was also the day she was supposed to confront her enemy; mind you, she's only been in Staten for about two days. Now, Namoi wanted to show Claire who was boss, even if she had to show Claire her true self...

Naomi had forced herself into a down-dog position. Then, she stood up and grasped her stomach. All of a sudden, A weird, virid light starts to emerge out of her and when it stops, Naomi looks fine. She starts to pace in the direction Claire and her friends had ran. After about 20 minutes of power-walking, Naomi comes across a house. She goes to the side of the house and sees a lights coming out of a bedroom window. Naomi sniffs intensely and whispers to herself, "Claire."

In the Bedroom:
"Hey, we can't tell anybody about the new girl. If anyone asks, tell 'em you don't know nothin'. Nobody will suspect a thing from a clueless bystander," Claire told her friends. BOOM. BOOM.BOOM. There's a noise coming from the side of the house.BOOM. BOOM.BOOM. "W-What is that? Go check it out," Claire demands her friend, Isabelle. Isabelle reluctantly opens the window and looks out of it. "There's nothing here you guys. There's nothing h-"
Isabelle was dragged out of the window by something not human. What a minute... It's Naomi! Claire and the rest of her friends ran out of the bedroom but not fast enough. Naomi flung herself towards the group and no one made it out of the room --- except Claire. As soon as she was close to the front door, Naomi jumped on her back. Claire fell down with a thud. Please don't kill me. I'M SORRY!" Claire pleaded. Naomi chuckled. "No, you will be sorry."

Naomi arrived at home at 9:28 p.m. "What are doing home so late, young lady?" her father questioned. Naomi pulled a bag from behind her back. "Shopping."

The author's comments:
I wanted this character to be really creepy.

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