Soul Eaters

September 5, 2010
By FallenPetals BRONZE, Milford, Pennsylvania
FallenPetals BRONZE, Milford, Pennsylvania
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"Things have a way of happening, you can either go with it or go against it."

March 23rd , 2019 Entry One

My dearest journal,

This my first entry of my story and I want my story known. On this darkest day when the Soul Eaters had come out to play, darkness fell across the land. People walked by candle light. Fear and panic set in and left a mark. The mark of the Soul Eaters. The unnerving design was carved somewhere in every town or city. The design is an upside down pentagram with a crest in the middle. The upside down pentagram is the mark of the devil and the crest means a predator of the night. While families run in fear of their lives they know they cannot win, fore’ they know the Soul Eaters are following. The only sound you will ever hear again when they find you is the sound of your own breathing and the unmistakable high pitch scream ringing in your ears as your soul is ripped to shreds and sent to hell.

I am Nina and this is my story.


March 24th, 2019 Entry Two
My dearest journal,

My small town is now destroyed, buildings have been burnt to make light. Food supplies have run low ,the roads are filled with abandoned cars and corpses. So far half the town is spread amongst the town, their dead cold white eyes stare up at nothing. The Soul Eaters have gotten to them. The only friends I have left are my best friend Ian Grant and Talon Grant. Both of them have unique ability or psychic powers as I like to call them. They know when the Soul Eaters are on their way to come send our souls to hell. Ian is the smarts in the group, he is a survivalist, I guess you could call him. His shoulder length brown hair is always pulled back into a simple pony tail. He won’t cut his hair! No matter how many times I beg and I mean beg. I have actually gone down on my knees and asked. Anyway, Ian and Talon both have the same Latino colored skin and chestnut brown eyes.

Today we are just, tense and waiting for anything to happen. The stillness of the town was eerie and unforgettable. Have you ever has the feeling in your gut like someone is watching you? Well, its what happened today. Soul Eaters were hunting, they are the dewy mist in the morning and the shadows at night. Yes, they are a night predator, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t watching. They are always watching. Talon has been keeping watch lately, but when I have woke up from my sleep he is nowhere to be found. I just don’t know what to do. When something like the end of the world happens you tend to get suspicious and make accusations that aren’t true.

Talon is acting more afraid and restless. Something is wrong with him. I can just feel it. It’s only a matter of time before he turns on his twin brother, Ian and me.


The author's comments:
Well the piece is one of the weirdest thing's I have written. What made me want to write this is also a mystery to me that's probably locked away with a key. I hope my readers with just find this story different and well worth the time reading.

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on Sep. 8 2010 at 7:06 pm
mkellars SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
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I think your main idea is quite brilliant, but I would have liked to hear more! I don't think the name "Soul Eaters" is very strong though, revise that and you'll have a beauty on your hands

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