Bloody Hannah

August 26, 2010
By SmartAlex GOLD, Centralia, Washington
SmartAlex GOLD, Centralia, Washington
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Hannah, wandering alone beyond city limits of Vranfin California. Her face is pale with deep circle under her eyes like bruises. Jade watches her pitifully.

Hannah: Never. I’ll die first. I will. I won’t be a monster. I can’t. (Her voice breaks, she collapses in the sand.) I-I wont do it. You can’t make me. I swear, I’ll kill you if you make me a murderer like you!

Jade: You already are Hannah. You know that.

Hannah: No!

Jade: You know it in your heart. That unbeaten stone. You know it in the soul you do not own. Yes, he stole it from you. He stole everything from you. For the sake of his kind. He stole your life from you Hannah. You are emotionless, you are a killer. A monster that makes even darkness cringe in fear from your fury. Embrace it Hannah. This hate that drives us. This thing that he’s distilled in us. You’ll love the taste, I know you will. (Laughs maniacally)

Hannah: NO! I am not a murderer. I won’t become you, or him. I know I have no right to life any longer. I shouldn’t live anymore. I should be cold in the ground with all of my family crying pitifully around my corpse. My corpse. ( Her eyes widen with tears that will never come again.)

Jade: Fool! You know your destiny. You know your fate. You. Are. A. Killer! Hannah, your viciousness will shake the foundation of the world. (Takes her by the shoulders and shakes her violently) You know, don’t you. You can’t escape this by starvation. Eventually you will kill. You’ll see the terrible might and beauty he gave you, gave us!

Hannah: you’re wrong.

Jade: (screams in anger) No! Filth, creator of ungratefulness. You don’t deserve it! You don’t deserve this gift!

Jade launches herself at Hannah, who bolts to the north. Jade come at her from the south, then the west. Never staying on one direction for more than a moment. She drives her toward Vanfrin, Hannah doesn’t notice.

Bluebell Joys carries her groceries home to her dad. She checks her watch, and then walks faster down the street.

Woman 1: Hey Blue, how’s Hank?

Blue: Da’s fine, I’ll tell him hi for you.

She continues to walk down the street. Humming a forgotten tune. And smiling to herself over what her Da would want for dinner. There’s a commotion around the corner. Screams and car horns, the sound of people running. And a strange hissing.

Blue: Wha….AHHHHHH!

Hannah stands before her, drenched in blood. Frenzied and mad with thirst. Her jaws locked on the throat of Blue’s next door neighbor. Blue screamed. Jade comes from around the corner dragging a woman behind her. Blue drops her groceries and runs.

Hannah: (Groans, and sobs. Dropping the man and stepping away.) NO! No, no! I didn’t mean, I’m so sorry! (She sobs and flits away, faster than Blue can see. Jade still feeding off the woman, smiles smugly.)

Blue ran home, tears streaming. Watching as the familiar streets of her childhood streams past in a vision of blood. She ignores it all to get to him in time. She reaches her house, and flings the door open, only to see her father, drained of blood, on the living room floor. She sobs, and collapses by his side. Holding his lifeless hand.

Blue : No, dad. No. You cant leave me here. No, you cant leave me!

Blue sits, crying bitterly over her fathers corps. Finally, she gets up, goes to the back room, gets a book off the shelf, its old. Beaten and worn. With an odd symbol on the front. She takes it, packs it in a bag with her things. And then she buries her father, and leaves. Following Hannah’s footprints, until she can no longer see them.

Lord Gregor’s mansion. Jade and Lord Gregor in the Den.

Jade: She just needed motivation. That’s all.

Lord Gregor: Yes, I suppose you were. But she’s still an issue. If we cant get her to cooperate…

Jade: Yes, I know. Any word yet?

Lord Gregor: No. The prophesy stands. Nothings changed. Which means she still isn’t part of our, special coven.

Jade: It’s nothing to worry about. It’s only a matter of persuasion. She must calm down fist. Then be faced with her own image. Like we all must face our image.

Lord Gregor: Ironic, since we actually don’t have a mirror image. Though I suppose that’s a good thing, we must be a sight to be seen, wouldn’t you agree?

Jade:(Chuckles) Yes, I would. I have had men on my coat tails for three score century now. And I know you have woman begging to be yours. Men to, I hear.

Lord Gregor: Yes, you are right. Though neither interested me much. Living as long as I have, you see too much in such a long time. Woman are tiresome after a time. Men, even more so.

Jade: How dull you are. Haven’t you any sense of entertainment. These are the needs that drive us. You’d think you mad that you haven’t loved in centuries. Haven’t you even liked a person?

Lord Gregor: Yes, once. (Gets up and walks to the fire place mantle.)

Jade: Mmm, I smell a story here. Please, tell.

Lord Gregor: She was a lively spirit. Lovely in everyway. She was bright, like the sun. Everything I couldn’t have. But I did, I had her, and kept her. She was mine. ( He steps toward Jade.) She was always mine. No matter what that mongrel said about love and whatnot. (He steps closer, shaking the ice in his drink.) And when he came for her, I made her watch as I drained his life. As slowly as I possibly could. (He was right in front of Jade now, just an inch away.) And when she cursed me, like witches do. I took her by the neck, like this (he demonstrated on Jade.) And I lifted her off the ground. And I squeezed until her last breath was gone from her body.

Jade was three inches off the floor, her eyes bulging. Her hands grasping at his on her throat. He finally drops her at his feet. And turns his back from her.

Lord Gregor: I liked her a lot.

Hannah stumbles through the sand, her hands clawing at her arms. A moan being driven from her throat. Dried blood coats her hands.

Enter Val, looking at her pitifully.

Val: My poor little sparrow. Lost and alone. With no one to turn to. Why have you strain from your path young one?

Hannah: You leave me alone, demon. Leave me!

Val: You have blood on your hands. Like you did before. You have broken our contract my young sparrow.

Hannah: NO! No I didn’t, it was them, and it was her she drove me into the town. I swear, I, I didn’t mean to. I’m so sorry. (Collapses in sobs.)

Val: Yes, you are right. But, my broken sparrow. You have failed me.

Hannah: No, no I promise. I’m sorry. Tell what to do, tell me!

Val: Kill him. Kill him for me.

Hannah: (wipes the tears out of her eyes to look up at him, murder in her eyes.) Yes. (And then she attaked him, snarrling her hate.)

The outlying desert road. Blue drives to the Gralum City. Her eyes now hollow, free of tears. Empty, and furious. Jared rides with her.

Jared: So, miss, you got a name?

Blue: Yes.

Jared: Mind telling me? I don’t much care to cart around no names. Never know who might climb in next to you. Just security, you know.

Blue: My name is Cynthia. And no, I’m not a criminal.

Jared: Well, that’s a relief.

Blue: You have a good nature. Jared Ban. I will miss this conversation.

Jared blushes slightly. Blue doesn’t notice. Just keeps staring out the window, eyes void.

Jared: Well, um, I’m flattered.

Blue: I’m looking for someone. A woman.

Jared: A woman? Well, if that’s what your want I guess.

Blue: (ignoring him) she has red hair, and violet eyes. She’s my height, and she’s insane.

Jared: (scratches his head. Rethinking his judgment for letting her in his car.) Well, that sounds like someone I’d remember, sorry to say I don’t. What your want with her?

Blue: She has something of mine. I’d like it back.

Lord Gregor’s mansion.

Gabriel: So, where is his royal berosness?

Jade: His lordship is in his study. She, isn’t back yet. He’s unhappy.

Gabriel: Oh, I see. Her. Its always about her isn’t it. Call me crazy, and I know you do. But I think this obsession with Hannah and that prophesy is unhealthy for him.

Jade: That prophesy, as you call it, is what is keeping us alive. If it fails, we all fail. Which means, we die.

Gabriel: Well, aren’t we the serious little minx. No wonder you’re so talented. So much tragic drama inside such a neat package.

Lord Gregor Sweeps into the room.

Lord Gregor: Gabriel. Please keep your vulgarities to yourself. And keep out of my house when you aren’t invited.

Gabriel: Aw, but boss. I thought I was invited.(faking a southern accent.)

Lord Gregor: No, you werent.

Jade: Please, stop it Gabriel. My lord, have you heard anything?

Lord Gregor: She’s outside the city limits. Headed this way. Her thoughts are shadowed, I cant see where she’s headed for.

Gabriel: I thought you just said she’s headed here.

Lord Gregor: Physically she’s coming here. Emotionally, I haven’t a clue.

Jade: Then when she gets here we’ll just have to set her on her way then. She is our hope, is she not?

Gabriel: You can do what you wish. I, have a hot date tonight.

Lord Gregor: Be back by dawn, Gabriel.

Gabriel: Of course Master, whatever you say. (Chuckles)

Gabriel jumps up into the loft above, and then out a high window.

Jade: He may present a problem.

Lord Gregor: He will be fine when the fighting arrives. He is frivolous, but necessary.

Jade: So there will be fighting then?

Lord Gregor: There is always fighting.

Hannah is at an inn. And sitting in a dark corner of the room. Cloaked in black.

Man 2: Hey. Look at that piece over in the corner?

Man 3: Jeb, haven’t you had enough for one night?

Man 2: What kinda talk is that?

Man 3: Your drunk, lets just go home while we still can. Or do you want to get thrown out again?

Man 2: Don’t you talk to me like that. I’ll do whatever I want to.

The man gets up, chugs down the rest of his beer and then saunters over to Hannah. The other man follows, rolling his sleeves up. Exasperation plain on his face.

Jeb: Hey, girlie. You ever seen a real man before?

Charlie: No, Jeb. Just leave her alone. I’m sorry about this miss. Jeb, lets go.

Hannah: You smell like sour milk and puke, please leave.

Jeb: Hey! I’ll teach you to talk to me like that wench!

Charlie: Jeb NO!

Too late, Charlie lunges for Jeb before he can grab Hannah. Hannah swiftly stands and throws back her hood. Staring at Jeb with her eerie violet eyes. Her red hair flaming. She grabs Jeb's arm and twists it.

Jeb: Ahhhh! Let go of me!

Hannah: It is rude to assert yourself on females. You shouldn’t be allowed to do so.

Charlie: Hey, miss. As much as I appreciate what your doing. You really shouldn’t. Just let go, now.

Hannah: Why should I. He is a foul man.

Jeb: Agh! I’ll show you!

Jeb pulls a revolver out of his coat pocket. And points it at Hannah’s head, ignoring the pain it caused him. Hannah didn’t even blink. Just tightened her grip. He growls, and while Charlie is yelling for him to stop, he ignores his friend and pulls the trigger. Hannah’s head snaps back, her grip on Jeb's arm never letting up. Jeb smiles in triumph. Charlie stares in horror at the blood trickling down her face.

Charlie: What have you done! Jeb, you just committed murder! Someone call 911. Miss. Miss Can you hear me?

Jeb: She’s dead, still has this darn grip though.

Jeb try’s to pry Hannah’s fingers off his arm. Only to have them tighten. Charlie and the rest of the bar watch in morbid horror as Hannah’s head slowly comes back up. The bullet falling on the floor. She cracks her neck. Looks Jeb in the eye, and throws him through a wall, ten feet behind him.

Hannah: He, was a bad man.

Charlie: What, what are you?

Hannah: I am nothing, I am the shadow you weren’t supposed to see.

Blue stands outside a large mansion, her face solemn. Her eyes hollow. A large book with a strange looking symbol on it in her hand. A butler stands by her.

Butler: I am sorry miss. There is no one of that description here.

Blue: Your certain?

Butler: Yes, ma’am. If you will please leave, I will be obliged to pay for your cab.

Lord Gregor appears behind him. Resting a hand on the tall man’s shoulder.

Lord Gregor: Please, this lady is our guest. Please, miss?

Blue: Cynthia Ross. And thank you. It is rather cold out here.

Lord Gregor: Follow me.

They walk up the drive and into the large mansion.
Hannah stands on the threshold of the Mansion of Lord Gregor.

Hannah stands in the back of the mansion with Jade.

Hannah: Well then. Here I am.

Jade: Yes, here you are. I always knew you’d make it someday. Such a strong girl you’ve become.

Hannah: Take me to him.

Jade: Mmmm, pushy aren’t you. Oh well then, he’s waiting for you. Follow please.

Hannah followed her into the mansion. Stopping in the Den. There was a man by the fireplace. Jade smiles, then leaves.

Hannah: You.

Gabriel: Yes, me. Long time no see Hannah. Hmm, such a naughty girl you are. Running off like that.

Hannah: You created me, made me into what I am. I owe all I am to you.

Gabriel: Yes, I suppose you do don’t you. Well, what are you going to do about it.

Hannah: You disgust me.

Gabriel: (Chuckles) you catch on fast don’t you.

Hannah: Their blood is now on your hands. I cannot be held responsible for those deaths. They, are not mine to bear.

Gabriel: Ha! Is that why you’re here? Redemption for a sin I made you commit? You are a piece aren’t you darling? I always knew you’d surprise me. And here you are, my perfect creation. The subject of stories and prophesy. The object of my eye, before my very being you stand like an angel of death at my door. Do you not remember? That night that we danced?

Hannah: I am not responsible for your actions anymore Gabriel.

Hannah's cloak dropped to the ground. A long sharp, wooden sword. Gleaming like gold. Sharp as a razor. Coming at his head. He dodged, just barely. Stepping into another attack, Hannah planted the sword in his heart, driving it home.

Hannah: My conscience is clear.

Blue and Lord Gregor, standing in the Hall. Waiting for Jade.

Lord Gregor: Do not worry, my dear. Jade is on her way. Then we will meet with your friend together.

Blue: I thank you, my lord.

Silently, Blue slips a small razor sharp wooden knife into her hand. And, faster than normally possible for humans, she stuck it into Lord Gregor’s heart. He collapsed at her feet. She let her deep red cloak cover her book and herself more efficiently. So only her head was visible. Jade enters, gasping.

Jade: NO! My Lord! What have you done Witch! Why!

Blue: You will take me to Hannah, now.

She slips her hand out of her cloak. Red flames dancing on her fingers. Jade glares at her. But gets up none the less. And leads her away. They stop by the door to the Den.

Blue: She is behind here?

Jade: Yes.

Blue: Thank you, you have been very helpful.

The flames jump fro her finger tips and start to burn Jade. She runs away screaming.

Blue: Today, I avenge you, my father.

She opened the door, and stepped inside. She walks into the room. Gabriel lying dead on the ground. Hannah in the chair, facing the fire. Her sword in her hands. Black blood dripping off of it.

Blue: Hannah?

Hannah: Yes, I know who you are. Before you kill me, young witch. I need you to know something. Will you listen?

Blue: Yes.

Hannah: I thank you. I will not excuse what I did, write it off as something out of my control. I was mad with thirst. And they drove me into that town. What I did, is and will always be on my conscience. No matter what I do to pay for my actions. That man you see on the ground before you. His name was Gabriel, he created me. For one purpose, to create a monster. And unleash it upon the world. He created me to kill, and when I refused, when I starved myself to madness, living in the desert, alone. He decided to give me, an opportunity. Having that vixen you just sent burning to drive me into your town. Now. I will ask you only one thing. One courteousy, that if I were in your position, wouldn’t give.

Blue: What is it?

Hannah: Kill me quickly.

Blue: What?

Hannah: I cannot live with what I’ve done. There are forces that would drive me to do it again. And I cannot condone that. I ask you know, kill me quickly.

Blue: You, murdered my father. Murdered my whole town. Drained the blood of children, innocent blood is on your hands. And you want mercy?

Hannah: Yes.

Blue: Than I cannot grant your request. I will not, you will die slowly. More slowly than Jade. More viciously than that Lord. With more blood involved than Gabriel. You will die slowly.

Hannah gave a small smile to the fire. And closed her eyes. Unshed tears begging to be set free.

Hannah: Well then, what is it you wait for?

Blue: Stand.

Hannah stood, and faced Blue, casting her sword aside. Blue came at her, fast. Lifting her hand to reveal a long wooden knife. Like golden fire in her hand. Hannah smiled in morbid victory. Blue stopped, just short of Hannah’s throat.

Blue: You planned this!

Hannah: Yes

Blue: You wanted torture?

Hannah: Wouldn’t you?

Blue: No! I will not give you what you want. I wont be like you. I wont commit your crime. You cannot make me!

Hannah: But, remember what I did! Remember your fathers face, drained of blood, all alone. Cold.

Blue: No, you will not win.

Hannah: NO!

Blue: Yes. You are done now. Go, be tortured. I will have no part in it.

She put her knife away. The fire vanishing. With that she left, left the room and Hannah. Forever. And, wanting more than anything to be able to cry. To be able to shed her sadness and sorrow. She wailed to the night. A sound that shook the hearts of the angels.


The author's comments:
This is a play I wrote for school purposes. It thought it was good, and I got and A so. I posted it. It's actually not as long as it seams, but thers a lot of spacing so...

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