The moonlight incident part III

August 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Hailey watched in horror as Nathaniel’s jaws opened. Leaning in, he placed his mouth over Ella’s head. Suddenly, Nathaniel flew back as if he had just been hit by a car. Flying down the hallway, he crashed into the wooden wall. Standing up, Ella hurried over to Hailey. Tears piled down her cheeks as she hid her face in Hailey’s shirt. Putting her arms around her younger sister, Hailey held her and watched as Nathaniel stood up and ran off.
“What did you do to him?” Hailey asked.
“I don’t know but I don’t think that he likes my earrings” Ella said, “Look, he put slobber all over them.”
Holding her ear lobe up, she showed her sister her silver earrings.
“Ella!” Hailey said, happily, “You have silver earrings! Werewolves don’t like silver earrings!”
“Do you want one?”
Before Ella could give Hailey an earring, there was a moaning howl.
“He’s coming back!” Ella screeched.
Picking up her sister, Hailey turned around and ran down the dark hallway. Bumping into a pair of doors, she fumbled around for the knobs of the doors.
“I’m coming, mommy.” Nathaniel called, “I’m coming!”
Both of the girl’s hearts began to beat faster as Nathaniel ran down the hallway.
“Hurry!” Ella screamed.
“I can’t find it!” Hailey screamed.
Suddenly she felt a cold sphere close in her hands. The Knob! Twisting the knob, she grabbed Ella and entered a small room. Standing up, she slammed the door just as Nathaniel flew through the air. BONK! The doors thudded as Nathaniel crashed into them.
“Come out, mommy!” He called.
“Ella” Hailey whispered, “How well do you climb on the monkey bars at school?”
“I’m the best.” Ella said, puffing out her chest.
“Okay, go to the window and open it.” Hailey instructed, “Can you see the rain gutter?”
“Can you climb along that?”
“Heck yes.”
“Okay on three jump out and grab that and try to get to the library, okay?”
“The library has silver lining on it.”
Flying from the door, Hailey jumped out of the window, caught hold of the rain gutter and began to shimmy over to the side.
“Mommy, come out wherever you are.” Nathaniel called from inside the small cubicle room.
“Hailey my arms are tired.” Ella said.
“Keep going” Hailey panted, “We’re almost there.”
Suddenly, the rain gutter gave way on Hailey’s part. Letting go, she fell to the ground below.
“Hailey!” Ella cried.
To Be Continued.

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