Things Aren't What They Seem

August 18, 2010
By ChuzzyBear BRONZE, Mapleton Depot, Pennsylvania
ChuzzyBear BRONZE, Mapleton Depot, Pennsylvania
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When the crimson puddle flowed onto my sneaker I realized what I had done. Terror had engulfed me and it was then that I realized exactly what I had done. I knew as soon as I had pulled the trigger for the first time and I heard the deafening bang of the gun ring through the air, that life for me was going to change because of what I had just done.
The truth is I am…different. I get these visions and everything I see is like a warning of what is going to happen. So when the night came when I seen my mother and father being brutally murdered I had to do something. The problem was that I was in a home and I was locked in my room and the only way out was from someone unlocking it from the outside.

I pounded furiously at my door waiting for someone to come get me. When the door opened and my nurse walked in she demanded to know what the commotion was about. “My parents are in trouble.” I yelled as I stormed out the door, but she grabbed my wrist before I could escape. She pulled me back and I shot back grabbed her head and twisted it hard to the right. I heard a crack and let her fall to the floor as I made my escape. I tip-toed down the stairs and once I had gotten to the bottom I listened to see if anyone was coming. I could hear voices in the kitchen discussing other teens in the home.

Since this home was actually just a house for four of five troubled teens it was fairly easy to escape, I had seen my friend do it multiple times. While they were talking I took my escape. While running for the door however I had stepped on a loose piece of wood and when it creaked it sounded like I could have heard it all the way in China. I looked around to see if anyone had suspected an escape and as far as I could tell no one had noticed. Not wanting to waste anymore time I ran out the door and onto the porch. Once I stepped out onto the porch though I felt a cold metal barrel against my temple.

“In the house.” A guard ordered. He was a tall man with broad shoulders but his one let seemed to be a little off balance telling me that his knee was weak there. I turned to go into the house again, but once he pulled the gun down a little I spun around and kicked him in the knee. He fell hard onto the wooden porch with a hard thud. I grabbed his gun and ran off. I was also grabbed his key ring knowing that the car keys would be on that.

I snuck over to the garage and got into the minivan. Everything was going great except for when I went to pull out. A siren went off giving me away as I was pulling out. I gassed it and burnt out as I peeled out of the driveway.

I was almost to my house when I seen a car following behind me. I needed to get into my house as quickly as possible then. Not caring whether or not someone would see me I put the car in park and ran for my front porch. I remembered that mom and dad would keep the spare key under moms flower pot that I had painted for her. I opened the door just as the other car pulled up behind the one I had stolen.

There were two men who got out of the other car both with guns, and then there was a woman and she was my doctor. I ran into my kitchen and found my parents lying on the hardwood floor with huge puddles of blood around them and both had multiple stab wounds. I fell to the floor where I was and I began to cry.

“Angel?” I heard my best friend Sophie’s voice. When I looked up I seen that she had blood all over her and she was holding a knife.

“Angel? Sweetie are you in here?” That was my doctor’s voice. She came in and found me and she looked at me in horror. “Put the gun down.”

I pulled the trigger and before I knew what I was doing, the bullet had hit my doctor right in the chest. “I’m sorry. I just you scared me and my parents were here dead and I…I didn’t know what I was doing.” I pointed to where my parents bodies were, but there was nothing there. There was no blood, and my parents and Sophie were gone. “They’re…they’re gone.”

“That’s because they were never here Angel. Sweetie, you killed your parents and Sophie almost five years ago. You had a schizophrenic meltdown and you killed them all. Stabbed each of them five times at your birthday party.”

“No. I could never kills someone! And I saw them here beside me…dead, and I am not schizophrenic.”

“Sweetie, we’ve been trying to get you to understand for five years now, yes you are. You had a…psychotic meltdown and you killed them we found you three days afterwards after reports of smells coming from your house and reports of not seeing your family or Sophie.” She could barely talk but she persisted on telling me exactly what had happened, while she was coughing and spitting up blood. I could tell by the sound of her voice that blood was slowly filling up her lungs and eventually it would kill her. As her blood slowly grew on the blood and it began to stain my white sneaker, I slowly began to remember.

It was my twelfth and I remember asking my mom and dad something because me and Sophie were arguing and they sided with her and I got angry and when they tried to calm me down I had stabbed them. Sophie finally came down from being in my room and I said that someone had come in and attacked my family and that they were still in the house and when she asked me what they looked like I answered, “You’re looking at her.” After that I remember cutting into her jugular vein.

It had all come back and I had finally realized what all I had done. “Did I kill that guard and that nurse?”

“Yes.” After she choked her reply out she slowly closed her eyes and her head lolled to the side.

When the guards came in and pointed their guns at me I just let them take me. As we walked out the door I turned my head and saw wave at me and blow me a kiss.

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