The Mystery of Andrea

August 21, 2010

The explanation

Sitting there with her shoulder length auburn hair flowing over her shoulders. Her hand holding up her head, her brown eyes gazing over the black metal frame of her glasses. In her right hand her red pen, scribbling the age old response of “Good work” across the top of the page.

Yeah that’s how I remember her. You know before all this ever happened…. Let me further explain. Tuesday evening just before the sun set I was working on endless homework when it happened. Not knowing the series of events that were happening to my special friend that I’ve looked upon for years now. The next day I go to school, good old Desert Sands Charter School, and find her desk chair empty and as close to the desk as possible saying that no one was sitting there. Thinking of this as just a paid day off, I go about my business and take a few tests and go talk to the teacher next to her.
“So where’s Andrea today?”
“Well sweetheart that’s what their trying to figure out.” She says in a mysterious but depressing voice.
I look at her as if to say what are you talking about?
“Don’t tell anyone about this because its not to be spread around the building, im only telling you because I know how close you two are.” She says in a soft low voice.
“Last night, she didn’t go home. Police looked all around the area and found her car just four blocks away. They aren’t saying much more but by the look on his face I could tell there were more details not being said.”
As I’m listing to this horror, I think of everything that was going to change. I could already feel the school turning into a deep dark place with no intention of sympathy. Everything that she ever did for anyone would it be recognized by the end of the day? Would anyone care? Is this the end of something so talented and cared about?
When you hear this kind of thing the worst possible scenarios go through your mind, and stick there as if it were mental gum stuck to your brain and thought process until a solution would take it off.
“Wow, are you serious?”
“But wha..”
I stopped and just sat there. No expression. No explanation. I just sat there.
I could see my mom’s car pull up to pick me up. I said “Well my mom’s here so I’ll… I’ll see you later.”
Her reply was “I’m sorry sweetie, try and have a good day.”
“Yeah you too….”
I slightly smile and walk out the door. From there on life was just kind of empty.

Chapter 2

Suspect Harold

Its only four days after what happened and my mom gets the phone call to see me at the police station for questioning. Seeing how I was one of the last people to see her before she left for the day I should have expected this. I know what I wasn’t guilty of so I was ready for any mind screwing that was to happen in the next few hours. When we get there, the detective was surprisingly nice and I could tell he was a complete body language and mind reader. But I was totally fine with it. Before questioning I go through finger printing, signatures, and more paperwork than there were trees. We finally enter the room and the walls are a peach color and the window for observation was big and black, so big it was almost the whole wall. The dective motions the guy in the window to start recording and it begins.
He starts asks me questions like, where were you between 3:00 3:30, how well I knew her, and if she was acting strange before she left. There were many more but I just can’t seem to care to remember. This process took two hours. I couldn’t do anything, I was a suspect and I knew they were wasting their time on me but they don’t know that. I could tell he got tired of me and realized I’m not what their looking for and they finally they let me go, thanking me and saying they will try their best on the case and he give me information that was somewhat reliving and somewhat disturbing. What seemed good was that she still might be alive, but on the other hand they had found enough blood loss near her car it could be fatal so they totally confused me by telling me she might be ok but she also might not be.
And that’s how that day went.
I was told nothing between that time and the next week. But the week after got pretty exciting and scary at the same time. They had found a couple leads the week before and their led suspect was none other than, Harold Domingo’s. Now Harold happened to be one of her students and had some mental issues that led them to this conclusion that he had something to do with this case. You see he had a dirty mind and has the potential of doing anything, inhumane. He had a restraining order against his ex girlfriend for abuse and suspected stalking. Let’s just say he had a criminal record to big write down. So how did he even get into the schooling system and not in a jail or mental hospital? He was also a hacker and changed his records; unfortunately for him the AFIS system had an older version of all criminal records and never got updated when scheduled for an update nothing happened due to technical issues. So therefore he got caught. But not literally because when the cops went to his home, he was nowhere to be found. They searched his home and found hard evidence of Andrea’s prints and blood stains. This means good news. They have a for sure suspect. But it also is still in question, is she still alive?

Chapter 3
How Andrea and Lilly became such good friends

So there is a story between Andrea and I. How we became good friends, why, and its importance.
It all started when I had been kicked out of school for getting in too many fights. So I had to find a new school, and started looking. I found Lessons for the Young. A seeming good organization and it was a charter school I decided to enroll. It wasn’t till a year later that Andrea started working at Lesson for the young. I was a helper sort of speak, and did errands for the teachers occasionally. Well I ended up helping her with (I can’t believe I still remember this) stamps on envelopes. We started talking and we seemed to really like each other, so I started hanging out with her on field trips, randomly sitting at her desk, and just started a relationship that ended up meaning something.
Why we became friends is simple. I always had trouble getting along with kids my age and seemed to hang out with people older than I. Well at least Andrea. We connected well. We both liked the same things, enjoyed the same activities, and we hung out outside of school a couple of times. She often liked calling me her little sister because I reminded her of her little sister that had passed away when she was 10 from cancer.
Our friendship was important to both of us. There wasn’t really a reason, but does there always have to be a reason?

To Be Continued.....

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ZooeyGurl said...
Aug. 26, 2010 at 11:17 am
Cool thank you. Iv never written a story before so i appreciate the advice! Thanks for reading :)
write2read said...
Aug. 26, 2010 at 11:14 am
i think this article is just okay because you could try to make the plot a bit more mysterious and interesting, also try to build your sentences more, add more to it, normal things like "...randomly sitting at her desk.." to "..spontaneously wandering towards her classroom, only to sit at her desk and work.." it's just a suggestion :) keep writing , i liked it alot dont worry!
ZooeyGurl said...
Aug. 24, 2010 at 3:04 pm
I appologize for using two different names of the school its supose to be Desert Sands Charter School, not lessons for the young. 
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