The Moonlight Incident Part II

August 12, 2010
By , dayton, OH
Splinters of wood flew through the air as the werewolf tore his way through the cheap wooden door. Stepping into the room, Nathaniel scanned the room. No humans were in sight as he sniffed the air. Fear. He could smell his older sister’s fear. Smiling he spotted the bed. Laying under the foot of the bed was the glittering blade of a Samurai sword.
“Come out, mommy.” He growled his voice now deep.
Reaching under the bed, he grasped his furry paws around the side of the wooden bed frame. Heaving upwards, Nathaniel lifted the bed into the air. The three hundred pound oak wood frame of the bed and the double mattresses felt like a feather as he watched the bed twirl in the air and land with a CRACK! Looking down, he could only see the lonesome sword with the blade split in two.
“Mommy” He called in his high pitched voice, “Come out mommy, I need you mommy.”
Jumping onto the pile of rubbish that was once a bed, he began to slash through the mattresses and wood.
“Ella” Hailey whispered, “Let’s go.”
Grabbing her sister by the hand, Hailey led her out from behind of what was left of the door. Stepping over the hole in the center of the door, Hailey turned around and lifted Ella up. Suddenly, Nathaniel turned around. A glitter of the moonlight reflected of Ella’s Silver earrings. Jumping up, he charged towards the door. Swooping Ella through the door, Hailey took off down the hallway.
“I found you!” Nathaniel screamed.
“RUN HAILEY!” Ella screeched.
Her heart began to beat faster as Hailey ran faster. Turning right, she ran down the dark passageway. Pausing, she dove to her right and pressed her body over Ella’s, against the wall. A wall of wind bypassed the two as Nathaniel rushed by. Suddenly, they heard deep breathing right in front of them.
“I can smell you.” He said, “You are scared, mommy.”
His fiery red and orange eyes scanned the darkness as Hailey and Ella tried desperately to not make any sounds.
“Where are you, mommy?” Nathaniel asked, “Why won’t you let me near you, mommy? Do you not love me, mommy?”
A soft cry began to sound through out the darkness.
“What did I do, mommy? Why don’t you hold me, mommy? Do you even love me, mommy?”
Cupping her hand, Hailey leaned down to Ella and whispered:
“On three, we run to the library, okay?”
Ella quickly nodded.
“The library is at the end of the hallway” Hailey continued, “We can climb down from there.”
Ella nodded. Nathaniel, still crying, stood up and began to pout away.
“One…two…THREE!” Hailey whispered.
Jumping from the wall, the two ran down the hallway. Turning around, Nathaniel saw them and began to run towards them.
“Come here, mommy” He cried.
Suddenly, Hailey tripped and smashed into the ground. Feeling around, she didn’t feel Ella in her arms.
“Ella?” She called.
Her night vision was now clearer than ever as she saw Nathaniel jump through the air and land on Ella, who was screaming.
“Hello, mommy.” He said.

To be Continued.

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