Nightmare at Le Parti des Animaux

August 15, 2010
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Smiles here and there. Dancing to and fro. Music everywhere. The new club was packed. People dancing, smoking, drinking. The room was wild with life and excitement. Le Parti des Animaux was the place to be. It had the oh-so expensive wines imported from distant countries. It had the DJ booth with the all new HD system, allowing the audience to hear even a pin drop. It had the retro seating V.I.P. area and smaller chairs and sofas all around the club. A hit song had just come on and everyone was dancing to it, even the bartender. Then there was a scream. Everything was cut off. The entire club was silent and listening.

Then there was another scream but that person was still there. Everyone crowded around the streaks of blood that were on the floor. A handprint was trying to reach out to someone but just ended up being dragged. The streaks continued into a linen closet. The people’s faces were filled with terror. The club manager was passing through the crowds and would say “Ce qui se passé?”, or “Passons maintenant ou je les flics au cul!” even “Hey, je descends a deux heures si vous souhaitez rencontrer” which was totally not necessary. Once he reached the door of the linen closet he gasped. He was a short chubby man and was almost entirely bald. His only response was “Ce qui la baise?” It was a terrible sight to see. There were shredded clothes in front of the door. A leopard patterned dress, a white flannel shirt, and jeans.

On the door were the words “BEWARE” but they were written with blood. The manager swallowed hard and turned the knob. The lights in the linen closet flickered on and off, but people could still see what was inside. A tall, thin woman with short and spiky dark hair was in a meditating pose, completely naked and white with her eyes shut. And next to her was her partner a man with good abs and biceps was also in the same meditating pose and completely naked as well. And across their chests in red lipstick were the words “Together Forever.” Whoever did such a cruel and disgusting thing left their mark on their cheeks: a pair of red lips.

Watching from the roof of the building next to it was a woman in a black leather trench coat, red lips, and sunglasses.

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thepreechyteenager said...
Aug. 26, 2010 at 10:00 am

Uhhh... creepy


I liked the story and all, but CREEPY


I liked that you had French in  it, it gave the story a very exotic atmosphere.  It got a little confusing though, so I would recommend have the translations in the text rather than in the side box.  The ending was very mysterious, are you going to continue or just leave as is?


Can you check out my story, "Encounter"?

8MiSuNdErStOoD8 replied...
Aug. 28, 2010 at 1:43 pm
thanks...yeah it freaked me out when i thought about it...and yeah it definitely confused me too! sorry about first time adding another language! and yeah sure no prob!
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