chapter1/preface- hunters instinct

August 9, 2010
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Sprinting through the forest, my powerful nose following a distinguishable scent. Paws thudding as I run faster and faster, enjoying the thrill of surprise and feeling the soft grass beneath my sensitive paws. Gloria ting in the joy of feeling the hot sun warm my fur which feels like its shining in the bright light. Up ahead I see another animal on my territory. The beast in me growls angry that someone dares to enter my territory. If the animal was wholly human I could easily forgive as they have such inferior senses but the animal that’s invaded my territory is not wholly human, it is part leopard. Shutting my mind off to any thought I let my beast tear towards the leopard that has entered my land. As I get closer I can see it's a young male barely an adolescent, practically a child in my mind. He turns sharply towards me. I let out a low feral snarl, warning him away from my land but being a stupid cocky male he leaps at me probably thinking that I’m a stupid weak female. I grin, my sharp jaguar teeth glinting in the sunlight before I jump back, my paws landing softly and swipe my front paw at his face. He howled from the pain of my connection and I can see blood slowly running down his nose into his mouth. Not concentrating I look at the brown fur or my paw and swear softly at the blood that’s now mattered thought the fur. During my lack of concentration he lands a lucky swipe at my mouth. Silently berating myself in my head, I grin at the cub, spitting out the blood that wells in my throat. Barely feeling the pain, I can only feel the adrenaline coursing through my body. I stare hard at the cub getting ready to pummel his weak body into the ground, but when he glances at my face after wiping the blood from his nose he turns and runs. Glaring after him, annoyed because I was ready for a good fight, I spit another stream of blood from my mouth feeling my body slowly calm, even though I glance around using all my senses to see if the cub would return, or if someone else is waiting to attack me. My senses search for any danger, but find none though I feel a faint glimmer of something but it disappears too quickly to be anything significant. Sighing as my body feels the first signs of pain, I shift back into my human form. Swearing a coarse stream of words at having no clothes as I had shifted of the run leaving behind yet another pile of shredded clothes. I sprint towards my small, quaint home stark naked and feeling vulnerable even though my jaguar senses had told me no one was around.

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SaraP said...
Aug. 18, 2010 at 8:58 pm
YOU ARE THE BOMB HOLLY<<<<< Keep Writing
hollychrystel replied...
Aug. 18, 2010 at 8:59 pm

lol thanx


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