August 9, 2010
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Life Sucks
Everyday, the same things goes on
Nothing more, nothing less
I Wake up
Use the bathroom
Change clothes
Walk to school
Sit thru class, wondering about the future
Walk home
Watch Tv
Go To bed
The cycle starts over again
This time
I wake up
Go in the kitchen
I grab something
I run outside
I run to school
Sit in the bathroom
I wait
Just wait
The bell rings
School Starts
I wait
I hear footsteps
I make my move
One movement, its all it takes
I wash it off,
I wash myself
He lays there
I walk outside
I run out the doors, before anyone sees me
I go home
I lay there
I sleep, until the next morning,
I wake, the excitement still there
I walk to school, this time i leave it at home
Theres police, they say theres no school
I go back home
I go into the kitchen
I grab something again
I go outside
I run to random people,
Doing what I did in the bathroom
The police are coming
I hear the sirens
I hear the tire screech to a stop
The car doors open
The cops scream for me to put it down
I rush at them
Tons of It
Its on me
Its on the something
I need to clean it
But I can barely stand
The cops are right there
They are telling me to hand it over
Heres my chance, one movement
It'll be all over
I move
It's all over
Bloods on the ground
I need to clean myself
but I cant
I did something different
and this is what I get
If only they knew
I was trying something new
I see my Mom
She's crying
When did she get there?
I lift my hand, my somethings there
I wave goodbye
The cops shout,
and BANG!!

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CallMeFelix said...
Aug. 15, 2010 at 7:59 pm

This is really, really good! Great work!

Please check out some of my work if you get the chance? =) thanks! Keep writing!

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