The Screaming Heart

August 5, 2010
By katrinalovestowrite. BRONZE, China, Maine
katrinalovestowrite. BRONZE, China, Maine
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Jane sprinted through the woods, sobbing as she ran. She couldn’t take the pain that city held. Jane could hear people calling her name through out woods. They were coming after her; trying to take her precious beloved from her. Jane knew if she stopped they would certainly catch her. Her heart was pounding so loud she couldn’t hear her name anymore. She couldn’t think of which way to go, she couldn’t even think of what to do next. Jane was lucky she was putting one foot in front of another.

Scared, confused, and tired Jane collapsed to the ground. Her hand shot up to her chest grabbing at her heart. It was beating so hard it ached.
“Give it to us, Jane.” Voices whispered in the wind, they didn’t stop. They repeated it over and over again.
Jane lay on the ground, her hands over her heart, trying to stop the beating. She could feel people grabbing at her, clawing. She started crying again, whimpers escaped out of her mouth. She saw a man coming towards her with a glass box. He was saying something, but so softly that Jane couldn’t hear. When he came closer she watched his lips, they were moving so fast but he was talking so slow. The man held the glass box close as he approached her. Jane watched as the man seemed to break though a crowd of people. He kept his eyes locked on Jane as he plowed through and invisible jumble of people.

“Put it in here, please. I can’t take the noise.” She heard him whisper. His lips trembled and he looked like he was going to let out a sob. His face was like stone, his skin was grey and his eyes were brown.

The man came at Jane, grabbing at her. He kept repeating what he was saying before. Jane cried out and then began to speak in a low tone of voice.

“Stop. You can’t take my baby. She’s just sad. Leave her alone.” Jane said, looking at the man.

He took of her jacket and she screamed holding her heart with both hands. The man finally chose different words to say and looked Jane in the eye while rehearsing them.

“You leave me no choice, Jane. I must have it. No matter what you say, it will not change my mind. Goodbye Jane.” And with than he ripped her hands off of her chest and plummeted his hand into her, taking her heart from her. He slipped it into the glass box and walked away, mumbling his last words to her.

“Now the town will be in peace. “The Screaming Heart” will keep us awake no more.”

The author's comments:
This story is about a girl who doesn't like the man who is in love with her & refuses to give him her heart [love]. And he always gets what he wants, so he is determined to take form her what she won't give to him. He thinks if he can't have it no one else can.

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