the sickroom_ (part two: the facility [last section] and epilogue)

August 5, 2010
By , Fresno, CA

chapter ten: biological warfare_ Dr. Santellano did not regret killing Edward. In fact, the only things he regretted were killing Edward quickly, and going into the business. Edward did not deserve to die quickly. Dr. Santellano was suddenly horrified. He was just like Edward; merciless. No, that isn’t true, he reminded himself. Edward killed for fun and revenge. Dr. Santellano only killed for purpose and improvement. If it weren’t for him, Prof. Gerald would be dead now. But there was something else. There was… another reason. Dr. Santellano had killed Edward for something else, besides to stop him from murdering Prof. Gerald and ruining the facility. It was an idea, written in Edward’s journal. Something that must not be revealed. If Edward had not been killed, the idea would have gotten out. Edward had copied Dr. Santellano’s own idea for personal recognition, without mention that it was Dr. Santellano’s own thinking. Dr. Santellano had been extremely disappointed with himself for creating the idea and writing it down. He believed it was safer for the facility for that paper not to get out. He had thrown the crumpled page of his journal entry into the wastebasket, Edward witnessing the entire event. Later that night, Dr. Santellano noticed Edward sitting on his bed in his bunk—the door open a crack, just enough for Dr. Santellano to see clearly into the room—with the crumpled piece of paper laid out flat on the bed with his journal. It didn’t take long for him to notice that Edward was copying from that paper to his own journal. Dr. Santellano shot and killed Edward three days later, and stole his journal. * Business was slow. Extremely slow. The facility seemed like a ghost town. The science team needed something to turn in to the government for use of it; they needed an idea. Dr. Santellano’s idea. The workers found themselves extremely bored, except for Prof. Gerald, of course. They had nothing to do but think. A cure was impossible. A weapon was their decision. But how? What could they use their weapon for? They didn’t know. And they were going to go broke unless they knew. “Science team, please turn in all of your journals to me,” Prof. Gerald announced. “I am only looking for a solution. Four different points of view should help.” That was easy. Dr. Santellano would turn in his own journal. He passed up the journal. “Thank you,” Prof. Gerald said. “And because these are science journals, I expect to find no personal matters in them. There’s a reason I bought them for you.” The team was dismissed, so Dr. Santellano watched TV for the rest of the day. But then it hit him. The journal he had been carrying around was not his own, but Edward’s. He sprinted for Prof. Gerald’s office. “Prof. Gerald!” he gasped. “You cannot read my journal.” “Why not? I did instruct you to give it to me.” He couldn’t tell him that it was Edward’s journal. “Yes, but sir…” he lied. “This isn’t my journal.” “What?” “It’s not. I think I switched them accidentally.” “Then whose is it?” He had no choice. “Edward’s.” Prof. Gerald winced. “No wonder…” he suddenly smiled. “This is magnificent.” Dr. Santellano didn’t even breathe. “What?” “Page 31.” Dr. Santellano took the journal and silently read: I have finally done it. The most powerful tool man has ever known… the deadliest biological warfare ever created. We can not only use this as a pistol, but a gatling. With this power the government would be unstoppable. Our military could not be defeated. These bacteria can be used for biological warfare to completely conquer. Dr. Santellano blinked. “It’s too dangerous.” “What?” “It’s too risky—much too dangerous. We cannot try this. It cannot be controlled. If we misuse it or are not extremely careful, it will cause a massive pandemic. Bigger than anything we have ever seen.” “But what if we did control it? Imagine!” “No.” Dr. Santellano sighed. “Not this. We can’t use it like hits.” Prof. Gerald eyed him sharply. “Dr. Santellano, I don’t care. What I say goes. This is the best. I’m calling for a science team meeting right now. This is our plan.” “But what if the people—” “Screw the people!” he yelled. “Let them die! If they misuse it, their loss! They break it they buy it!” Dr. Santellano was stunned. It took him a minute to respond. “You aren’t who I thought you were.” “That’s the game of Life, baby.” “But did you see his wording? Those were the words of a madman.” “Sometimes madmen are brilliant.” “Sometimes madmen are insane! We don’t even know how well the military will use it! We could infect ourselves.” “But it can work. We can make it work.” “If you’re going to do this, I want nothing to do with the science team.” “If you quit, you’ll be breaking the law.” “Not if I quit the science team. If I quit Project White, I’d be breaking the law.” “If you quit, what will you do?” Dr. Santellano paused before talking. “I’ll be your assistant.” Prof. Gerald raised his eyebrows. “Excuse me?” “You don’t have one now.” “And?” “And a busy man like you needs one.” Prof. Gerald paused. “We need you, doctor.” “No, you don’t, not for the science team. You have other doctors. I want to be your assistant.” Prof. Gerald sighed. “If you really think so,” he said, and held out his hand. Dr. Santellano took it and shook. “Okay, then,” Dr. Santellano took off his lab coat. “I guess I’m your new assistant.” “Good. I’ve got a lot of work for you.” “I’ve been craving for work.” “Perfect. I have a meeting with the science team in ten minutes. I’ll be in the G.E.L. lab.” Before he left, Dr. Santellano spoke. “I would seriously advise you not to do this.” “I know,” Prof. Gerald said, and left the room. chapter eleven: duty call_ Dr. Santellano was left a list of tasks to do every day. When those tasks were done, he was free to do anything he was allowed to do for the rest of the day. On the third day after the small quarrel between him and Prof. Gerald, Dr. Santellano came into his office, prepared for the day. On his desk was the regular list of tasks. His first task was delivering mail to their proper recipients. On his way to the sickroom to deliver the mail, he crossed paths with Prof. Gerald, who was holding a test tube. He delivered the mail. Man, it smells in here… he thought, and lit a candle, keeping the matches. He was then off to deliver mail to the workers. He crossed paths again with Prof. Gerald. Dr. Santellano was eerily curious about the test tube in his hand. Dr. Santellano walked into Prof. Gerald’s office to give him his mail, but could not help noticing Prof. Gerald’s to-do list. Science team meeting 8:00am. Contact government about possibilities of bacteria for military use, for further discussion. The last one horrified Dr. Santellano. Send government large amount of bacteria for military use. Dr. Santellano stared in horror. I have to stop him! he thought, suddenly aware of the matches in his pocket. chapter twelve: the facility_ Dr. Santellano ran down the hall. “Prof. Gerald!” he was screaming. He ran into the mailing office, where Prof. Gerald was waiting. “Prof. Gerald, wait!” “No,” Prof. Gerald said. “It’s too late. The government already knows.” He stuck the test tube in an envelope and went to place it in the mail slot. Dr. Santellano had to stop him. He had to do it for mankind. He knocked the envelope out of Prof. Gerald’s hand. “Hey!” Prof. Gerald snapped, before getting knocked out with Dr. Santellano’s right hook. Oh no! Dr. Santellano thought, panicking. They were going to find out about the unconscious Prof. Gerald. Dr. Santellano pulled matches out, lit one, and tossed in into the mail slot. The mail was burning. Dr. Santellano ran. He lit another match and lit Prof. Gerald’s desk on fire. One of the other doctors, Dr. Stevens, saw Dr. Santellano running. Dr. Stevens was carrying a propane tank to the kitchen, but stopped when he saw Dr. Santellano light another fire. “What are you—” Dr. Stevens fell from a kick in the stomach. The propane tank fell and shattered. The air around them suddenly burst into flames. Dr. Santellano ran for the exit, and burst through the door into the outside. He saw the flames engulf everything, and heard the peoples’ screams as the entire building became enshrouded in flames. Soon, no one could get out, and everything inside was destroyed. Dr. Santellano smirked, his deed done. He stood there and watched it burn. epilogue_ The director of the government sector funding Project White received the fax from his secretary and read it, in total shock. He did not see this coming. The Facility for Project White burned down yesterday. Dr. Santellano was the only one who survived, explaining that there was a “horrible accident” in the kitchen, and that there was a massive explosion. Dr. Santellano made it out just in time, he said. Are you going to re-build Project White? -Karen

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fragileblackorchid said...
Sept. 1, 2010 at 4:35 pm
pssh heck no they better not re-build project white lol this is a great story!i got all in2 it, my mom aasked me if i was ok because i was starring at the computer screen 4 like 20 minutes without blinking haha im adding this 2 my faves once again good job:)
VizioDarkly replied...
Sept. 1, 2010 at 6:58 pm
Hey man thanks a ton for reading it. I really appreciate it. That's awesome haha, you're really the only person who has taken the time to sit down and read the whole sickroom story. i really, super appreciate it haha. that really feels awesome. anyways i'll check out your stuff also! If you liked the sickroom (by the way the sickroom_ was written when i was in sixth grade) i am posting some other stuff and there should be more writing on my account already. again, thanks man. i appreciate.
fragileblackorchid replied...
Sept. 2, 2010 at 6:05 pm
haha ur welcome but im not a dude lol
VizioDarkly replied...
Sept. 3, 2010 at 1:36 am
oh! sorry :/ 
fragileblackorchid replied...
Sept. 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm
lol no prob :)
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