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August 4, 2010
By cupcakeme247 BRONZE, Wantagh, New York
cupcakeme247 BRONZE, Wantagh, New York
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Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so

My name is Annabelle, I was only 16 when someone killed me, i lived full time with my dad since my Mom up and left me and my little sister grace. We moved to a rundown town with our dad in Ohio called Grayson, and from the moment we step into the town I knew something big would happen to me. As years went by the strange feeling became normal to me. But that would soon change.
I seemed like the normal girl. Nothing special, the kind of girl u would pass by in the halls and not think twice about. But all that was really normal to me, my sister still young at the age of 14, she unlike me was beautiful. A trait inherited by my mom, she had all the boys in her hand. Prom queen everyone wanted to be friends with and all guys wanted to date or shall we say be seen with.
It was the begin of another normal school year, or so I thought. As I walked toads the entrance of the school holly my friend since we where babies ran up and hugged me like we haven’t see each other in days “Annabelle! You’re here! I have been waiting forever for you. what took u so long?” she said as she was playing with her hair. “Grace took forever in the bathroom, then my dad gave me be careful who u trust speech” I said as watched my sister walk by with her group of “friends”. As I looked away to look down holly was giving me a look as if she knew what I was thinking “don’t mind her Annabelle” she said.
The bell rang which meant time for art class it was always my favorite subject my whole life. Holly and I walked down the hallways till we got to my class. “This year will be different Annabelle, it will be all right” she said as she walked away, she look back over her shoulder like she was reassuring me. It felt good to have a friend that cared like that.
I walked into miss harpers class and sat in the seat I sat in every year it was empty like always. I looked around the class to see if anyone I knew was in the class. “Ladies and gentlemen welcome to honors art. This class is for you to express your feelings threw art.” She said. As she was talking a boy ran through the door “I’m sorry I’m late I’m new and I got lost” he said. As I looked at him there was something about him that caught my eye. “Its fine u didn’t miss much anyways; u can take a seat now” Miss Harper said and then continued on talking to the class. The boy looked around, and came toads my table and sat down. I grinned just enough that he saw and laughed a little bit. Miss Harper gave out paper for us to draw how we felt at the moment. I started drawing what I usually draw, noting important. I looked up, just enough to see him looking at me smiling at me. “Hi, my name is Jessie. And what should I call u beautiful lady?” He said. I looked up and smiled “my name is Annabelle. Most people call me ann.” I said. Before he said anything the bell rang. I picked up my bag and when I looked back he was gone.

Chapter 2- so u thought

The final bell rang, the first day was over and I was more than ready to go home. Holly and I always walked home together since we never had enough to buy a car or let alone drive one. As I entered the main entrance of the school I saw Jessie. He smiles and my heart melted, he always smiled like he knew something I didn’t. He walks over to me
“Hi Annabelle, I was wondering…. Would u like to go see a movie or get something to eat?” as he talked I was wonder how could a perfect guy like him notice me. “Annabelle?” he said.
“Oh s**t sorry I spaced, yes that sounds like fun.” I said as I blushed and smiled. As I finish my sentence holly walked up to us. “Hey Annabelle” she paused for a minute “am I interrupting?” She said. “No I was just about to go to my locker, so tonight at 6 at the tom’s pizza place?” said Jessie. “Sure, ill see u there” I said. As Jessie walked away holly smile seemed to consume her face.

We where about two blocks from my house before holly spoke. Holly finely ask “so how did u meet this mystery man? Fill me in on in on the juicy gossip!” she said as she giggled. “He is my art class. He was new and he sat at my table.” I said as we grew closer to my porch. “That’s all u know about him? He cute though so ill let u off the hook this time Ann, but be careful.” she said as she laugh. “haha so funny holly I’ll be fine” I said as I walked up my porch. “I’m joking silly; you better call me when u get home though” she smiled at me “told u things would get better Ann.” Holly said as she walked away. “It’s not over yet holly” I said but she was up the block by the time I said it.

As I walk into the house my sister was sitting with her cell phone texting like always. I hear my dad say “how was school” I could tell he was in one of his better moods. “It was good. Really good” I said as I look in the fridge for a drink. As i pull out a coca cola my dad enters the room. “I haven’t heard u say that it was really good since u where 12. What happened?” he said with a small grin on his face. “She most likely found a friend” said grace she laughed an evil little snicker “what a loser!” She said as she walked away. Under my breath I whispered “and you’re a s**t” and giggled. My dad shot me a death stare and I stopped laughing. “So what happened” my dad said. “Let’s say I have a date” I said in a low voice not knowing how my dad would take it. “A date? Really? Congratulations ann.!” he said. “Wow dad u makes it look like I have five eyes” I said as I walked up the stair to my room.

Chapter 3- that night

It was 5:20 by the time I was ready. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was wherein my lucky skinny jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt and converse. I didn’t want to get dressed up, just wanted to be me. I put on my mother neck less she left me and started down the stairs. When I got to the bottom my dad was standing in the dining room looking threw boxes unpacked after of my mom’s stuff. “Dad I’m going to leave now” I said. he looked at me and smiled “you look pretty, really pretty.” He said. “Thanks… I guess” I said as I smiled at him. “Be home by 10:30” he said. “Okay I will. Bye dad” I said as I walked out the door.
As I walked down my block the concrete was wet from when it rain an hour ago. I always loved after it rained; it was always so peaceful at night that way. Since I lived 4 blocks away from tom’s pizza it wouldn’t take me long. I looked at my clock it was 5:50. I was always worried about being late so I was always early. I sat down on a bench outside the pizzeria. As I lessoned to my iPod and drifting away in a day dream someone taped me on the shoulder and I jumped. “Hi ann. Sorry to scare you” said Jessie as he grinned. “Oh, hi. Sorry music got a way to make me day dream” I said smiling but still a little shocked that he showed up like that. He holds out his hand “you ready?” he said. I take his hand “of course I am” I said while smiling and follow him inside. As we walked in I saw a table with candles and a red table cloth, it looked beautiful. I have never had a candle lit dinner before. “Oh my god it’s beautiful. You did all this for me? I mean it all so flattering but u didn’t have to…”I said but he cut me off. “It was worth every cent” he said as he pulled out my chair. I thought I was dreaming, I pinch my arm under the table. Nope. Not a dream. So this is real?
“So what brought u to this town?” he said. “Well….. My mom disappeared and well my dad and mom where divorced, and my dad lived here so that’s how I ended up in this small town.” I said looking down. “Well you’re a big fish in a small pond. I mean how you could be single. You’re so beautiful.” He said looking into my eyes. His eyes seemed to hypnotize me in some way. “I keep to myself most of the time, well except holly but that’s a different story, she my best friend a little crazy but I love her for it” I said laughing a little.
“I could tell ... u sit all alone in art. Holly seems nice though” he said. “So why did u move to the town? I mean it’s in the middle of nowhere .why Grayson?” I said. I was so curious to know who he was. “Well….. It’s a long story, there was an accident my mom died and my dad left when I was five. So I live with my grandma. It comfortable I guess” he said in low voice like he was hiding something. “Oh. I’m sorry shouldn’t have…” before I could say anything his voice said “its okay u doesn’t have to apologize it was my fault for ……never mind” he looked away “do you want go for a walk?” he said in a sweet tone witch made me forget about what he said. “Sure why not” I said as he grabbed my hand and walked out the door.

Chapter 4- the deadly mistake

As we walked down the wet streets that I was so use to walking down, he held my hand as we walked to Grayson Town Park. “Ann... I’m sorry for before” he said. “Its okay, it was nothing” I said as we traveled toads the woods. “I went walking the other day and I found a perfect spot for us to sit by the lake.” He said as we walked slowly, the sun was setting and it made everything so surreal. “But aren’t we going to get dirty?” I said laughing. He grinned “I brought a blanket Ann, don’t worry” he said. As we arrived by the lake he placed the blanket on the ground and I sat on it and he did the same. Before I knew it I was laying on his chest. “Ann can I tell u something?” he said gently. “Sure...” I said looking at him. “I think I love u Ann.” he said. “I love u to Jessie” I said
As I lay near him, I close my eyes and fall asleep not knowing what comes would be my worst nightmare…..

Chapter 5- where the beginning ends

As I woke up, something strange was happening, I couldn’t move my hands and feet. The where tied up my eyes was covered and some thing was in my mouth. I tried to scream for help. Where was Jessie? The string I was tied up with was cutting my arms and legs every time I moved. As I tried to un-tie the rope with what strength I had left. I heard footsteps slowly walking around me. Like whomever it was getting pleasure watching me struggle. A few minutes later I hear him laugh, he mumbled something. I could almost make it out… the laugh got dimmer. I could feel his eyes staring at me, he came closer and whispered “I think I love u Ann” he said laughing. I couldn’t believe what I heard... it was Jessie. “U might wonder why I chose u” he chuckled “you’re the kind of girl people would pass by in the halls and not think twice about, no one will know you’re gone” he said then it fell silent. The sheet covering my eyes slipped off just enough to see him smiling that same smile when I first met him… then I realized what he knew that I didn’t know what I saw in his eyes. He knew how I would die.

The author's comments:
i was siting on my bed lison to music like allways and a though came to my mind so i rushed to my computer and started writing and from then i didnt stop will i finshed

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