The Innocent I

July 26, 2010
By canarasaranac BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
canarasaranac BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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“We should get out of this room and go outside” She said. I knew She always loved to take walks outside in the middle of spring

“No we shouldn’t because They will come and get Us and get mad at Us again.” I complained
“Please They won’t ever know,” She said in Her “ I want something so I'm going to sweet talk to get it” voice

“Yes they will They know everything and you know it”

“You and I both know that you want to go outside and we both know it” She was using the voice again

“Yes but…” I said hesitantly

“BUT NOTHING YOU ARE SO SELFISH! Just do me this one favor and come outside. No one will ever find out”

“Ok fine.” I said a little scared.

We hastened out of the room. And swiftly ran down the pure white hall. We made sure we were silent as we passed the coffee room. When we had gotten out of the building we were in the lush green garden were there were hundreds upon hundreds of flowers.

“This is so beautiful.” I said

“Yes it is we should do this everyday its nice outside,” She said

“I don’t know if we should we might get caught” I said worried

“OH COME ON what is the worst They can do to us?” She said with authority

“Good point.” I said, “Oh look at this rose is half dead!” I said in horror

“That is so ugly the dead part is the most beautiful part of it,” She said with disgust. She then took the rose and crushed it in Her hand and She threw it into the distance.

We kept walking in the garden then I looked up at the big clock and knew we had to go “we have to go now” I said with fear in my voice

“Ok we can go in now,” She said. The rest if the day was a blur. And the next day was the same but I remember She was gone in the morning. The day after that She was back and She told me “I want to go out side today”

“Ok lets go,” I told her I was so ready to get out of my room that day. But when we got to the door it was locked so we went back to the room. For the next few days it was the same. But She was gone for about a week.

They came in more and more often. They said everything was going perfectly. But when She rarely came back to the room I was scared. I needed her. She was the one who made me feel strong.

I never really noticed how white the room was, I never noticed the little window letting in a small amount of light in, I never noticed the bed stand, and I never noticed the small black dot on the wall.
But the next day she was back. She said, “I want to go outside. I haven’t been outside in so long.” She didn’t tell me where she had been but when we got to the door it opened and was raining outside.

“I wanted to go out today.” She said sadly. I took her back to the room. When we got to the room she closed the door and locked it. For the first time in my life here I saw a phone on the bed stand. I remembered They gave me a number if I ever needed Them. “Where is that number?” I said with panic in my voice.

“I don’t know. Why are you asking me?” She said with a little laughter in here voice.

“I need it,” I said hurriedly looking through the nightstand.
“No you don’t,” She said with even more laughter. Just then I found the little slip of paper I looked at the number I dialed.
She shrieked with laughter “If you put the phone down now I wont hurt you…… too bad.
“Hello this is Wispy Sunny Pines asylum how may I help you?” a voice said on the phone
“Put the phone down” she growled at me. I was about t say something put she wrenched the phone out of my hands and yanked it out of the wall. She smiled at me. Just then. Blackness.

The author's comments:
this was an assignment for english class

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