July 26, 2010
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People are missing. People are dead. The war—the dreadful war—ruining so many lives... I am afraid to go to bed; I am afraid I may never wake up. But I am tired—no, exhausted—and I have to rest. Yes, just a little nap...
The war is over. Everything is so peaceful, serene, quiet. I am alive (a miracle!), my house is in one piece. I am happy. Yet, I am alone. I cal out the names of my sister, my mother, my father... no answer. I start to panic. But I refuse to even think of the worst.
I start looking around the house for my family. I cannot find them. I can hardly breathe - I am that scared! I go out of the house, but there's nobody, nothing, out here. Yes, there are the streets, the trees, the houses. But there are no people, no animals—no movement. I can't even feel the breeze (I wonder if there is a breeze).
I don't know where I'm going; my legs walk on their own. I can recognize the city square. And then I see them. My family. Lying on the ground. Are they resting, looking at the clouds...? Then I realize: why would thousands and thousands of people, all around my family, lie on the ground? And it's not like their eyes are open. This time I don't breathe.
I ran towards my sister. She's not moving. Not even breathing. No pulse. The same as my parents. I start to feel the agony, the pain, the loss... I am looking for comfort, but my friends are nowhere to be seen. No, wait, I can see them, face down on the ground. I look for any signs of life, even though, in my mind, I know there aren't any. But my heart and soul tell me to keep looking. I tried to clear out my head, but I could only think of the word their initials spelled:

D i a n a (my mother)
E v a n (my father)
A n n a (my sister)
T i a (one of my friends)
H a r m o n y (my other friend)

Then, I wake up! Drenched in sweat, almost strangled by my blanket. And I see my family: my mother, my father, my sister, gathered around me, trying to figure out what's wrong. But I just hug them and start crying. They understand. Even though it's the dead of night, I call my friends—I need to hear their voices, to be reassured it was all just a bad, a really bad dream...

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