The Moonlight incident

July 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Sweat poured down Ella’s face as she and her sister, Hailey gripped each other. The howling wind forced to break down their house as they tried to not whimper. THU-THUMP! THU-THUMP! THU-THUMP! Their hearts beat faster as the full moon rose.
“Why won’t someone help us?” Ella whispered.
“Shush, someone will come.” Hailey gasped.
HOOOOOWWWWWLLLLL! Jumping up, Haley threw her little sister onto the bed and ran to the door. Pressing her weight against the hard wood door, she watched as the knob began to turn.
“There’s no lock.” Ella spoke, “Mommy never put a lock on there.”
Searching the vacant room for any objects other than the blankets and sheets on the bed, she found none. BAM! A huge force slammed against the door, nearly throwing Hailey off. Slamming back into the door, she held it shut as the sound of growling erupted out of the still air.
“Mommy?” A tiny child’s voice sounded, “Are you there, mommy? I’m scared, please let me inside, I’m scared.”
Nathaniel, or little Nathan as the two sisters called him, he was right outside of the door.
“Mommy” Nathaniel said, “I’m scared please let me in.”
“Mommy’s not here.” Ella whispered.
“SSHH!” Hailey hissed.
“I know you’re there, mommy” Nathaniel spoke, “I can smell you.”
Hailey suddenly stopped breathing. Holding her breath, she looked around the room frantically for anything that she could use to lock the door.
“Ella” Hailey whispered, “Did David leave anything in here before he left for college?”
“No” Ella said.
“Could you check under the bed for me?”
Ella, scared and frightened, nodded. Slowly getting off the bed, she reached underneath the bed.
“Come out, mommy!” Nathaniel said, “I’m scared.”
Jumping up and down in excitement, Ella pulled out a long thin object. Hailey’s eyes lit up, it was a samurai sword that David didn’t like. Snatching out of Ella’s hands, she pulled the thin razor blade out of its sheath and stuck the blade in between the knob of the door and the wall. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! The door was secure! Relaxing, Hailey and Ella fell backwards on the bed. Suddenly, splinters of wood flew through the air as they soon realize that Nathaniel had burst a hole in the door. Soon, a gray hairy wolf face appeared in the hole. Red blood eyes gleamed as he looked around.
“I found you, mommy!” Nathaniel screamed.

To Be Continued

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