Como Sanchez and the tales of the power warriors.

August 2, 2010
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In a galaxy of dadak there lived a boy named Como Sanchaz who lived on the plant of nasun a small farming plant in the middle of the galaxy. “Como it’s time for dinner.” said Como’s mom. “Ok I will be there in a minute.” said Como. Como is a 13 year old boy a little tall for his age brown hair. Man why do I have to stay here as soon as I am 14 I am bolting off this rock and joining the blue army. This is a wharf rock ouch it’s hot. at that that moment Como was teleported to a room with elder people in it. “How long does that sprite take to fined a good fire warrior in the last twenty years.” said elder number one? Does it really matter it will find one that fits this times job.” Said elder number two. “We have been here for twenty thousand years we can what a little longer.” Said elder number three. “What are you waiting for,” Said Como? The next gentian of warriors to keep the peace in the universe,” said elder number three. “What are you doing here boy” said eldest elder. “I will ask you the same question” said Como. “He bares the mark of the fire warrior. Now we finally have the one of fire the other stones will start to show the rest of the warriors.” Said a wise elder. “Ok, you guys lost me. Now you are telling me I am some so type of super human killing machine.” said Como. “Yes” said an elder. “Is some thing wrong with you people.” said Como. “We under stand, but you were chosen for this responsibly and there is no backing out now. Ow, by the way we are sending a nice person to live with you.” said the elder. And then they sent Como away. “Maybe this Sanchaz will not make the mistakes the other ones have maybe not.” Whispered the eldest elder.

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