One after another

July 28, 2010
I woke to the smell of coffee and pancakes.
To one, this would trigger the thought that they where about to have a good and tasty breakfast. To me, it triggers that another disappearance.
Like I did everything. I sighed deeply.
The hardwoods creaked and moaned underneath my bare-feet I walked to the kitchen slowly.

My mother was moving around like a scared mouse. As if someone was going to come up behind her a stab her.
"Mom." I stated.
She jumped as if I had screamed at the top of my lungs.
"Oh, My, Hello Gwen. Don't scare me like that."
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.
My mom was dressed in her police uniform. She was the chief of the entire town's crime department. Which was usually a very easy job....until lately.
"Did somebody else go missing?" I questioned. My Mother stepped back as if she had been slapped
"Yes." She hissed through her teeth. My mother used to be completely carefree. She used to look like me, long brown hair, freckles and blue eyes.
But, after the towns has gone into mayhem with the disappearing people one buy one and the department always on her back, Her brown hair has streaks of grey in it, like they had been painted on with a paint brush, her blue eyes have turned the gray and her freckles have seemed to fade into her worry lines.
Sitting down at the table, my mother brought me a plate of pancakes with a shaky hand.
"I have to go in, to investigate the crime scene. You-"
I cut her off
"I know the drill mom, I won't go outside, I won't answer the door and or phone."
She managed to pull a weary smile. "See you later Gwen."
I was used to be alone.
She locked the door with her keys beind her.
And the house seemed to get darker.

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