remnants of alastair

July 27, 2010
By J-Star BRONZE, York, Other
J-Star BRONZE, York, Other
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"I could barely recollect how I got there, as each tear subsided and I feared what I had become. I looked at my own reflection in the shattered glass, hands covered in blood, I didn’t recognise myself anymore. Who am I? I hesitate to answer, even now.

Damn it, damn it all, lost in myself, lost in my own madness.
His eyes flickered in the darkness, as I faced towards him, readying myself to confront him, I must have been half possessed he was twice the man that I was, but I had to in order to preserve my respect.

“Damn you! WHY??!!” I said constricted and suffocated with uselessness, I was powerless.

“She was out to get you, I was only trying to protect you” He answered back in a sophisticated, calm and controlling voice.

I looked down and her, trying to stroke my hand through her golden blonde hair, as her hair flowed down elegantly like a waterfall, it synchronised with the blood gushing out of her. I could barely look at her radiant body, if not happy in life then in death I hoped she would find the happiness she so desired. Her eyes so radiant, crystal blue, innocent there was no need for her to die. The demented psychopath was obsessed with her or me? It was hard to define a difference.

Her only crime was loving me, I suppose, I was too caught up in my work. She doted over me as I tried to over her. I could never commit to it as I was too caught up in my work. They say you never truly treasure something until you lose it, well the aching feeling that tore my heart apart told me that was true.

I looked into his wild fiery furious eyes, as he crouched like a wolf ready to leap upon their pray. I tried to fight him off with a mirror shard in my hand, it was no use he could over power me easily, but he would never hurt me I was too valuable an asset. He wanted me to succeed become rich and powerful as partners but I was devoted to her, Rebecca. She could define my life just by breathing.

I, unlike him realised there were things more important in life, other than money and domination as he restrained me like an animal. I knew that I would soon be with her, if I could conquer my fear and escape from him.

The clock ticked, slowly in the barren empty room, apart from him, her and I. It was an empty wooden room or rather cell to imprison us in. I attempted to rise slowly from the ground as a phoenix out of the flames, he tried to subdue me but a strength that was beyond human, beyond rational overpowered him. The anger gradually bubbled up inside me I thought at first, however it was not anger that consumed me. No it was love, a feeling I am now reluctant to admit, I tried to confront him as he prowled forward launching into attack. I didn’t fend him off this time, as he launched to attack me I was willing to accept my fate anything to see Rebecca again. He halted in his steps like a creature warying of approaching its slaughtered pray in case it bit back, I was ready to submit to his will I didn’t matter anymore none of it, my love had died and so shall I.

My hands were trembling as he lurched over me scanning me, trying to detect a threat or a trick. I did not attempt to put up a fight. Suddenly I collapsed to the floor, after a hard punch to the chest, and landed in a pool full of blood.
I steadily regained my balance and using my arms as levers - propped myself up and looked at my reflection in the pool of blood. My hollow eyes and my fiery countenance, glared back at me. It was within that moment that a horrific realisation crossed my mind, there was only me in the room. I was only fighting myself. Him and I were one in the same. What had I done? Killed the women I loved for a lousy job, my mind like glass is beginning to fragment I fear.
I grabbed the shard of the mirror and plunged it into my weak vessel hoping it would purge my soul of this wretched creature. I did not realise however that I would be the one to dissipate and he, he would live on, in my body!!!”
The physic collapsed and sighed for a second as if letting the soul pass out of her body, as Rebecca’s frightened sister tried to understand what had happened to her.

At last, she thought with this truth maybe she could gain a little peace. What she didn’t know however was that waiting outside for her was the remnants of his lost mind.

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