Bloodshed on Anders Street Part 2

July 8, 2010
By SierraSwagnificent SILVER, Bloomingdale, Michigan
SierraSwagnificent SILVER, Bloomingdale, Michigan
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Ecko saw him walk into the room, but there was a man standing in the corner behind the door, waiting for him to walk in. She screamed. It must have warned him, because he ducked as he walked in the door. He avoided the swing of the man's knife by a mere inch.

The man took off his mask.

It was the guy that Ecko dumped me for, he thought to himself as he avoided another swing of Richard’s knife. His knife slammed into the wall. He grabbed Ecko and ran out of the room while Richard was pre-occupied with getting his knife unstuck. They got to his car and was in it by the time Richard began chasing after them. Richard threw his knife and it cracked the rear windshield.

“ Why was he in your house? That is what I want to know.” He cursed to himself as he as he said that.

“ He was the one who broke into my house. He must have my phones bugged or something.” After she said that it brought on another round of tears. “I have always hated people like that. They are obsessive, compulsive, and won’t leave you alone,” she said to herself.

“ I know how you feel there.” he murmured.

“ I think he was jealous that I wanted you back instead of him. I cried over you every night and not him.”

“ That surprises me,” he said, amazed. “ You wanted me back.”

She realized what she had just said and thought it over in her head, I wanted you back and cried over you every night. “ I never realized that I was in love with you until I broke up with you,” she said bringing on another round of tears.

I wanted to reach over and offer her a shoulder to cry on, but then I thought better of it. Hearing that brought the previous thoughts of love for Ecko back into his mind once again. He realized that he would be willing to give up his life for Ecko.

With that, they pulled into a motel 65 miles south of the town that they lived in. They would have to figure out what to do in the morning. They were to tired to think tonight.

That next morning they went out to his car and have been running every since then.

The author's comments:
I just love writing scary stories

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