The Beast

July 9, 2010
By Saga Blomberg BRONZE, Ljunghusen, Pennsylvania
Saga Blomberg BRONZE, Ljunghusen, Pennsylvania
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Twisting, turning

Snarling, scowling

Laughing, jeering

Grabbing, grasping

Cutting, hurting

Drip, drip, drip goes her blood on the ground.

A deep crimson, a startling red, an angry scarlet pooling on the blackened floor.

Up and down goes her slight frame as she sucks in breath after breath of the rank air.

The Beast thundered by her leaving its sour scent in its wake. She lifted a pale bare arm up towards her nose as she stumbled around in the dark looking for a way out. A deep cough shook her entire person and another tickled the back of her throat.

She clamped her mouth shut and fought it off.

The Beast was hungry, the Beast was hiding.

She took more trembling steps forwards, her naked feet landing soundlessly on the ebony ground. Sharp talons raked at her feet leaving a ruby trail after her.

The Beast was here, the Beast was silent

Her tired eyes scanned her surroundings, black as far as the eye could see. No light entered this place, yet some how she could pick out the livid marks racing up and down her uncovered arms.

The Beast is light, the Beast dark

She limped on in the Beasts lair, its scenery unchanging, the nonexistent light reflecting off of the walls that weren't there, her shuddering breaths echoing off of nothing, bouncing back to her alert ears.

The Beast is nothing, the Beast is everything

Her bloodied feet kept a hypnotic rhythm

Quick left, dragging right

Quick left, dragging right

Quick left, dragging right

Qui- she fell

Her stripped and sore body came into contact with the floor that was too warm, too aware, too hungry.

The Beast is watching, the Beast is coming

Slowly the floor that wasn't a floor and the walls that weren't walls dripped and oozed onto one another and twisted and churned into what she feared, what she hated, what she created.

The Beast is awake, the Beast is hungry

She rolled over causing more old wounds to open and newer fresh ones to be torn open marking her sickly skin. Tendrils of solid smoke wrapped themselves around her body and squeezed. The wet cracks of broken bones were only heard by the Beast and the bleeding girl. The throat rupturing screams were only supplied by the hurting girl, only enjoyed by the shifting Beast. Her decimated hands scrabbled feebly against the swirling flesh of the Beast, her ruined feet kicking at her bone crushing restraints.

Thin translucent limbs slithered up her arms, up her legs, around her abdomen and pulled taut, each in its own direction.

Broken fragile bones rubbed and scraped against each other eliciting another guttural screech from the girl.

Slowly, slowly, slowly the slender limbs parted and multiplied, each new tendril slinking towards her ragged nails.

Slowly, slowly, slowly they made their way under the blood stained nails.

And slowly, slowly, slowly they pulled skywards.

The girl shrieked as her fingernails were flicked carelessly down onto the ground that the Beast supplied.

Solid shadows and tangible smoke parted revealing the head of the Beast. Its piercing red eye laughing at her torment, its gaping maw dripping clouded saliva, landing without a sound on the swirling floor.

The Beast's fetid breath clogged her senses causing her to gag. It came closer and closer, tendrils holding her broken body in an almost caring fashion. The girl lay in It's grasp unable to move, unable to do anything to stop her imminent demise.

Rows upon rows of wicked curled teeth slid down from the shadowy depths of it's jaws. Each tooth gleamed in the light coming from nowhere and everywhere.

The girl's already irregular breathing became even more erratic as her battered, bruised and bleeding body was straightened out and forced into the mouth of the Beast.

Its tongue, hot and slimy, dripping with saliva curled around her body feeling every orifice, licking off the blood and sweat and grime.

At first it moved slowly, oh so slowly, leisurely loosening its firm but gentle grip on the girl, but it abruptly released her broken person and she fell and fell and fell down the endless gullet of the Beast.

Her body brushed the sides of its pitch black esophagus and she howled as unseen teeth ripped away at her skin and fat and muscle. Even as the teeth met the side of her face, ripping away at the sallow skin, gouging new grooves into her high cheekbones, her mind refused to shut down. Her mind let her feel each scratch, each bite, each tear in her flesh as she fell and fell and fell.

Finally, as she hit the bottom of the Beast's stomach, she could hear it's laughter, a deep and animalistic noise forever ringing in her ears. She could hear it over the sounds of her own cried pleas, over her screams of agony as the Beast's stomach acid slowly, slowly, slowly ate away at her flesh, and over a repetitive ringing that surrounded her.

She clawed desperately at the tainted air as she sunk lower and lower into it gut.

She felt it convulse.

The girl was sent, screaming up it's throat again and sit up onto the ever-changing ground. She cried out again as the Beast lowered it's self down to look her in the eye

Red met gold

And a silent exchange was shared. A quick one-sided message that said

"I'm not done with you yet"

The girl screamed and attempted to get away, but slipped on the thick coating of stomach acid on the ground and cried out in pain as her broken bones rubbed against each other sending hot flashes of pain racing up and down her body.

All the while the ringing just got louder and louder.


The girl writhed in her growing pool of melted skin and diluted blood.


The Beast shifted again, once more becoming the floor the isn't a floor and the walls that aren't walls.


The girl was left alone with the Beast, left to struggle in her own bodily fluids.


The girl screamed and cried and shrieked, but nothing changed.


The girl---


The gir---




"For the love of god and anything you hold dear Serval, if you don't shut that f***ing alarm off I am going take it and personally ram it down your throat."

Golden bloodshot eyes blinked tiredly and aimed themselves towards the offending clock.


A sallow skinned arm lazily flopped towards the clock and slapped it silent.

Serval rolled onto her back and rubbed her eyes. As she slowly sat up she licked her dry lips. They tasted like copper. She swung her bare legs over the side of her seldom used bed and opened her eyes wider.

Her room was a mess, clothes and knives thrown about, spots of her own blood flecked the walls an the wooden floor. And on the wall carved in jagged and deep with a serrated hunted knife were the words

"I'm not done with you yet"

The author's comments:
... I only hope no one gets scared by this.

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