The Secret Town

July 18, 2010
By Writingroxs BRONZE, Caledonia, Michigan
Writingroxs BRONZE, Caledonia, Michigan
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t was weird when i spoke to him. As if he was putting everything in pass tense
or something. Or saying how this was the end. And saying good-bye to me as
I walked out of the door. He never says good-bye. He says see you later. Or
Talk to you soon. Never good-bye. Its sounded like i wouldnt ever see him again. Something was deffinetly wrong here.
As I sat at a shop for about an hour thinking about what he was saying. And
I figured out. Nothing he said made sence. Nothing. It was weird to think
that nothing made sence of what he was saying. Just because he was a smart
guy and usualy everything he said made sence. But not this time. This time everything
was diffrent. This time i had to go over everything we said to eachother. Was he loosing his mind.
But was he. Or did he know something i didn't? Was there something going on?
As i payed the waitress and left the shop, and walked out the door. It was raining and it was very dark. As i kept walking i noticed that there
was a lot of things that was diffrent that i had never seen befor. It was thundering. Now i know that sounds stange well shouldnt have noitce
thunder if its raining they go hand and hand right? Well not around here. Around here we get rain. But never thunder. I have lived here my
whole life. And the only reason why i wasnt frightened by thunder was because we use to go on a lot of vacations and stuff to diffrent places
and dad always made sure that it rained at leaset once while we were there so we could experience the thunder. Sometimes i wonder if
he took us places to make sure that we didnt want to move anywhere else. And so we werent stuck in this little tiny town all the time.
For some reason i didnt like the fact that he wanted us to move. But on the other hand. I mean i would of loved to live in the city, and get
to wake up and smell the coffee shops. And do what normal people do. But i dont think we are normal here. And im going to find out why.

The author's comments:
I would like coments and also if you would like me to keep writing on this story as well.

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