Just Average

July 17, 2010
By Sarah Walker BRONZE, Jerome, Idaho
Sarah Walker BRONZE, Jerome, Idaho
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One might say that she was normal, the average American girl. The real thing that should have been said was what is behind those sparkling blue eyes, but that would be a question. If we could see deep into her soul would there be despair, treachery, love, kindness, or was it much more. But the questions still remains was she society’s opinion of normal, or something more. Some might say everyone’s more then average, but is that true. For Miranda it seemed not to be, until the day she met Chris.

Miranda’s feet slapped across the ground sending gravel flying, her mind was fogged, lost in deep in thought. What Miranda didn’t know was that behind her stood a tall striking young man, his blonde hair sweeping across his brow. His expression fixed in puzzlement, he wondered what could she possibly be doing. He took several steps forward, hesitating only for a moment wondering if he should interrupt but he continued to move forward. The clink of metal chains awoke Miranda from the fog of deep thought, she looked up meeting the young mans eyes. They reminded her of her very own eyes, beautiful yet frightening.

“Can I help you?” she asked her voice sounding gravely.
“Yes, you could. What is your name?” he asked, a smile spreading across his thin lips.

“Miranda.” she replied expressionless, Miranda hated to be toyed with it made her already low self esteem plummet. She new she was not pretty. Her mousy brown hair did nothing to flatter her thin face. Miranda liked to play average, and that was exactly what she was. She never did anything special. She wasn’t an artist, athlete, smart, or anything. She was just Miranda, the girl trying to get through high school without to much attention being brought into her universe.
“I’m Chris,” he said, “ what are you doing here on this swing?” he questioned, the same expression of puzzlement appeared back on his face from earlier.

“Thinking.” said Miranda, the word sounded harsh, it made her cringe. She wished she hadn’t done it, but all she wanted was to be left alone.
“ Good place to think?” Chris asked, continuing to stare at her from his swing. Miranda bent her face forward, letting her bangs sweep across her face, hiding it like a veil.

“Yeah.” Miranda said, chanting in her mind, leave, hoping he would some how get the message.
“You know Miranda, you might think your just normal and staying out of the way. I know you want me to leave, but I can’t do that. I‘ve been looking for you for a very long time, you’re a hard women to find” he said, his eyes still locked on Miranda. She looked up, her jaw hanging open, making her face look even thinner.

“ What? What do you mean? How did you know that. Hard women to find?” Miranda hissed jumping up from her swing, and taking several steps backwards, preparing to flee. Chris remained seated continuing to stare at her.
“Oh Miranda, Miranda. You don’t remember me, I thought you would. They told me you wouldn’t, I should of trusted them, but I have trouble with that you see. It is time that you come with me, you are not average you are far from it.” said Chris moving away from the swing like a viper getting ready to strike, moving at an impossibly fast pace. Miranda opened her mouth, letting out the start of a pierce scream before Chris’s hand wrapped around it.

“Be silent, and this will be a lot easier.” He hissed. Tears streaked down Miranda’s cheeks, she was being kidnapped. Images of her mother telling her to never trust strangers flashed before her eyes as the world turned dark.

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