Face the Laughter

June 28, 2010
The little girl giggles nervously, standing in the middle of the circle. Something is wrong with the circle, and we all know it's the red of blood. She holds the teddy bear tight in her grip, clutching it protectively like she were holding a slave against it's will. Still, the bear is not a breathing slave, but a lifeless play thing in her hand. Her nervous giggling gains into insane, shrieking laughter.
"They're watching you!" She'll say to us.
"Oh yes! Those faces that are every where. They hide, and no one can see them. But I can. Yes. I can! They laugh at you behind your back. They're always laughing. I am haunted by their evil cackles. They cackle at me because of people like you."
She yanks the head of her teddy bear off, revealing the dagger attached to it. Then you realize it wasn't just a child's toy to be tossed aside after they were sick of it; it was a concealed weapon.
"You have one of those faces! I need it! I need to burn it!"
The little girl launches at your friend, gripping her hair in her little fingers and pulling back. Your friend screams as the little girl takes the knife and cuts her cheek deep. She starts to peel off the skin of you friend's face, and you can only scream as blood pools around her and your friend. The little girl's white pinafore and skirt is stained a bright red, just like the roses you can see in the garden. Blood has spattered her face as your friend makes one more final scream.
She looks at her, strips of flesh in her hands and blood drenching her pretty, gold spun hair that tumbles down to her waste. She giggles again, all of the little girl back in her.
"The face is gone."
She whispers it as if she had finally forgiven someone. Your friend lay dead next to her, and you let out a terrified and heart felt shriek of a sob. You hit the little girl, and she falls backwards. The little girl starts to laugh again. She laughs really loud until she's crying. You take the knife with the teddy bear's head and you thrust the blade through the girl's chest. You take it out and thrust it through her eye now. Through the whole gruesome process, the girl doesn't scream out in pain. Instead, she laughs and laughs, the smile never leaving that pretty face. When her last breath leaves her in hysterical giggles, she manages to choke out...
"The faces belong to you now."
You can't help but see someone out of the corner of your eye. Was that a little chuckle you just heard?

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LittleInside said...
Oct. 17, 2010 at 1:15 am
Huh! So people actually viewed this.
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