June 21, 2010
By xkissmeximtoxicx SILVER, Winchester, California
xkissmeximtoxicx SILVER, Winchester, California
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She sat, tied to the chair, while someone stood, holding the gun against her head. Just yesterday she had been with her best friends laughing, having fun, kissing her boyfriend. Now she was in a dimly lit room bound tightly to a wooden uncomfortable chair by thick rope that chaffed against her upper arms and her shins every time she moved even just one centimeter. She wasn’t scared, not one bit. She never allowed herself to be scared. She was thinking about how uncomfortable the chair was and how if they were going to torture her for her beliefs they could have at least tied her to a more comfortable chair. One with a cushion at least. Her thoughts were interrupted by the gun being hit against her head.
“Answer the question Cassie.” She heard from the other side of the room. The voice sounded slightly familiar to her. The voice was a female’s she knew this but the question was, who did the voice belong to? Her thoughts were interrupted once again by the gun hitting her, harder this time.
“Cassie.” The woman’s voice sounded harder this time, more stern.
“I’m sorry what was the question again?” Cassie asked although she already knew what the question was. The woman knew this too.
“You know what the question is Cassie and you know why we brought you here.”
“No, I don’t think I do. Why don’t you tell me why you’ve brought me to this dark, dreadful place? And step into the little light you have provided. I mean we seem to be on a first name basis it would only be fair for me to know who you are.” Cassie said in a sarcastic tone. The woman stepped into the dim light.
“Ah, Aunt Cheryl. I thought that deep, annoying, manly voice sounded familiar.”

Cheryl walked quickly, heels clicking against the cement floor to Cassie and slapped her hard across the face. The slap hurt badly but Cassie didn’t let it show.

“Glad to see, or should I say feel, your intensely burning love for me dear Auntie.”

“Maybe you’ll be more willing to cooperate in a few hours. Jacob. You know what to do.”

Cassie saw a dark shadow standing in front of her just before she felt something cold and hard come into contact with the right side of her face and she blacked out.

When Cassie woke up again she felt a horrible pain in the right side of her face and winced. She felt dizzy and could barely hold her head up. The room was pitch black. She tried to put her hand in front of her face to see if she could even see the outline of it but found she couldn’t move her arms. She had forgotten she was tied to a chair. Cassie groaned as her stomach growled loudly. Her throat was dry and she was starving. As she sat in the uncomfortable wooden chair and thought about how much she’d love to have a nice, cold drink of water she felt the pressure of the gun return to her head and the dim light returned to the room and Cheryl was once again standing in front of her. Cassie wondered how it could be possible for her to have not noticed Cheryl come into the room

“So, Cassie are you going to cooperate now?”

“Maybe. But first you have to tell me the point of me being tied to this extremely uncomfortable chair with a gun pressed against my head.”

“You know why you’re here but if it will make you cooperate I guess I’ll tell you what I’m sure you already know.” Cheryl paused for a second before continuing.

“Any human being who does not believe in God does not deserve to live so why should I and my church let you go on living you non-God-believing life?” Cassie was hot with anger now.

“What gives you the right to decide who gets to live and who dies?” She was screaming by the end of her sentence.

“You see you ignorant child God himself has come to me in my dreams and he has told me that I must punish anyone who I believe does not believe in Him. For anyone who does not believe in the great, almighty God lives in sin and deserves punishment.” A look of astonishment flashed on Cassie’s face before she could control her emotions and her look of astonishment was replaced with one of rage.

“I always knew you were crazy but I never thought you were crazy enough to be sent to a nuthouse until now.” Cassie said calmly although her face still held a look of rage. Cheryl also had a look of pure rage and hatred on her face.

“What did you say to me?” Cassie imagined steam coming out of Cheryl’s ears and her look of rage was replaced by one of amusement.

“Wipe that smile off of your face you idiot! I have someone ordered to have a gun pressed against your head and yet you’re smiling?!” Cheryl sounded astonished.

“Why don’t you just ask your stupid question we both know the answer to?” Cassie now had a look of disgust on her face.

“Before I ask I must clarify that you saying yes to this question will save your life and saying no will end it. Do you understand? I will know if you are lying.”

“Really you’ll know if I’m lying? Did God give you a built in lie detector in those dreams too?”

“Answer the question!” Cheryl screamed at her.

“Yes I understand, Geez didn’t have to yell. Just ask the real question already and make sure this precious servant of yours has his gun cocked and loaded.”

“Cassie Haelstrom, do you believe in God?” Cassie heard the click as the gun was being cocked and she felt no fear. She knew what was coming and she was glad she had told her boyfriend and her friends and family she loves them last night.

“Cassie?” Cheryl sounded impatient.
Cassie looked her Aunt Cheryl directly in the eyes and answered honestly with no emotion showing on her face.

“No, I do not believe in God.” Cassie saw a smirk on Cheryl’s face just before she nodded.
Cassie heard the gun shot just before everything went black and she died.

The author's comments:
I had to write a short story for my English class and I couldn't think of what to write about. I was sitting on my bed listening to music when the song Cassie by Flyleaf came on and I just started writing. This story is loosely based on Cassie and I hope no one is offended by it in any way.

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Even Better The Second Tme =]

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wow that story was really good. good job :]

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