June 20, 2010
By TeamJacobArchuleta2 SILVER, Beverly Hills, California
TeamJacobArchuleta2 SILVER, Beverly Hills, California
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He's the one I call late at night, the one who makes everything alright. He loves me with no regrets, I just haven't found him yet.

I stood back and watched, hidden by the mass of trees. There were two of them. Two people had gotten out of that crashed airplane alive. A rush of excitement jolted throughout my body when I noticed that they were piling things up. They were planning on staying.
This was perfect, it really was. Two clueless, vulnerable teenage kids trapped on this island alone with barely an supplies. There was a guy and a girl, but I could tell that they weren’t friends with each other.
The guy was some prissy-looking prep, an easy target. Spoiled rich kids like him didn’t know how to survive out on their own. They were used to having everything handed over to them on a silver platter. I grinned, knowing that he didn’t stand a chance.
The girl was different though. She was some goth chick, but I could tell that she wasn’t somebody most people would really want to mess with. She had this fierce sense of confidence radiating off of her. She seemed very in control, very assertive. I knew that she would put up a fight.
But it didn’t help her any that she had that prissy kid tagging along with her. I could tell by the way she looked at him that she hated his guts. And I knew that he was probably the last person in the world that she’d want to be stranded on an island with. I could tell that she would’ve been so much better off without him. But since he had also survived the crash, she was now the only one to look after him. After all, he’d be lost without her. But he did put a damper in her self-sufficiency.
This was going to be too easy. I just had to wait for the right moment.
I had to prepare myself for this. I had to get myself ready. I couldn’t mess this up. The guy wouldn’t even make me break a sweat, but the goth chick would be a bit of a challenge.
I could do it though. After all, they were just teenagers. They hadn’t come prepared, they had no weaponry, they didn’t even know I was here. I would get them in a surprise attack. I smiled to myself; they wouldn’t even see it coming.
As long as I had perfect timing I was set. So now I all I had left to do was wait. Plan and wait…

The author's comments:
Here's chapter 3 of my newest novel, Crashed. Yes, I know this chapter is very short, but I meant for it to be that way lol. ENJOY :)

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