Blackwood Street

June 20, 2010
By Trojancheer15 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
Trojancheer15 BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
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A sharp, jagged breath knifed its way into Anna's chest. The mist around her settled into her skin, moistening her to the bone. She shivered, where was she? A nearby sign beamed in reflective lettering that the road was named Black Wood Street. Her little red malibu had broken down on the side of a back road, and Anna had no idea where she could possibly be. Her car was dead, she had no food, it was almost midnight, and she didnt know which way would take her back toward a main road, if she could somehow get her car to start. Lukewarm tears softened her expression as they pushed themselves from her steady control and crawled toward her chin, splashing on the ground below her.

Frustrated, Anna crouched down and leaned her head against her car. Then she remembered---her cell phone! Of course! it was in her purse in the passenger seat!Standing, her body felt as though thousand pound weights were tied to her shoulders, pulling her towards the ground.

Something was wrong, she could feel it. It was a vague whisper desperately calling to her from the back of her mind, but she couldn't make out what the voice wanted. "What?" she thought, "Im just getting my cell phone from my car!". She stood, feeling rediculous for even answering to the voice. And yet, the whisper grew louder, stronger, violently pulling against her every thought to get into the car.

Warily, Anna glanced into it. Nothing seemed out of place, though the shadows made it impossible to see into the backseat of her little car. She reached for the handle, but something stopped her. The feeling inside her, the voice in her head, was oddly silent. In fact, silence filled the eerie scene and pounded against her eardrums, forcing her to realize that something was wrong. Anna knew, for a reason she couldn't put her finger on, that she couldn't get into her car. She stole another glance into the shadowy backseat of the car. Did something just move? "I need to get out of here." Anna thought. A sense inside her told her she wasnt safe, to leave. Now.

A pair of headlights swung into view, and Anna hurried to get the driver's attention. The big, beefy man slowed to a stop and rolled down the window of his pickup. "Hey there, pretty lady, are ya lost?" he bellowed. "Um, yes, and i dont know which way to go to get home." Anna replied. "Well hop in!" The man said cheerfuly. Anna eyed him warily, knowing the dangers of getting into cars with strangers, but the man seemed kind enough, and Anna stepped up into the pickup truck.

The man thrust his hand toward Anna. "Name's Tom, pleasure to meet ya." politely, Anna replied, "Anna." smiling, she added, "thanks for the ride, i really appreciate it." "No problem at all", Tom's voice was friendly and clear. "Where am i takin ya?" "I live on the north side of town" Anna answered. "Oh, thats not but five minutes away!" Tom said, "the road that were on now isn't a very well known one though. The people that live here like it that way. A lot of bad things happen around here, you shouldn't be out in this area at all, let alone by yourself." "I--I must have taken a wrong turn", Anna stammered, chills working their way up and down her spine.

Turning to ask Tom what happened on this road, anna stopped. On Tom's right arm had a tattoo on it, a small SWB. Anna turned back, lost in thought as to what those three initials could mean.

Soon, they were on the road that Anna's house was on. "Turn here, please." Tom turned the rusty old pickup into her driveway. "thanks again for the ride!" Anna said. "No trouble at all", Tom replied. He leaned in, and his breath smelled like tobacco and beer. "Remember, little lady, stay off that road. we wouldnt want anything bad to happen to that pretty little face of yours, would we?" "uh...yeah, k". Anna said, noticing that something in his voice seemed....not friendly. almost menacing.

"well, goodnight." anna said as she got out of the car and stepped into her driveway. "goodnight" Tom replied, backing out and driving slowly away. Anna shivered, wisps of hair creeping across her face.

She walked inside, and nobody was awake. She had told her parents that she would be home late, so she wasnt worried. Not brushing her teeth or bothering to change into pajamas, Anna crawled into her cool sheets and let her exhaustion envelop her.

The next morning, Anna woke up and dragged her feet down the stairs. her dad kissed the top of her head as she sat down at the kitchen table. "Sweetie", he said, his voice was molasses, "could you please drive to the grocery store and pick up some eggs?" sighing, Anna stood. "okay" she replied groggily. She grabbed her keys off the rack and headed out her front door. she would have to tell her dad about her night when she got back.

Driving though town, Anna noticed something seemed wrong. Nobody was outside, and those who were seemed leery. arriving at the grocery store, anna hurried to the back of the store where the eggs were and hastily grabbed a carton. she used the express lane and checked out herself. in her hurry to get back home, something caught her eye. a flyer. it was bright green. but it wasnt the color that had caught her eye, it was the title.....


the article read.....
Last night, three bodies were found on blackwood street. two were teenage girls, one a teenage boy. the bodies were found in a red malibu on the side of blackwood street, one man with a mask on was seen running from the seen, the only significant thing police could make out from the man was a small tatoo on his right arm that said SWB. Police noted that SWB was BWS (blackwood street) backwards. Police also found a note in the car; addressed to the owner of the car.

I know where you live now, i drove you home. Dont get in the car with strangers, it really isnt safe. i told you bad things happen on this street, now im on the loose. police know im out here, but they won't ever find me. enjoy your life now little lady, because guess what?

The author's comments:
i have never written a horror article before, this is my first. let me know what you think!

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