May Afternoon

June 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Narrative of Jen
It was cold out, but not unbearable so. Just enough for her to zip up her coat, and walk a little faster, wanting to get to her home that would provide shelter from the wind. It was unusual May weather, the type that made you check the calendar when you wake up, wondering if it is really fall, and you have been dreaming up the past few months. She was a normal enough looking girl, the one who goes unnoticed sitting in the back of the room. Discreet. Her small build slipped quietly in with the rush of life, and that didn’t bother her. Jen let her mind wander, in a world unknown to us – when someone behind her called out her voice. She whipped around, breaking the trance that she had previously been in. No one. She shook her head, deciding she must have been imagining it, after all she was tired and thirsty and – “Jen.” She heard it again, closer, seeming to have advanced since the first call. Once more, there was no one. She shivered, and began to walk quicker, tucking her head down. It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. She was practically chanting the words in her head, reassuring her conscience that nothing was wrong- “Jennifer.” It was right behind her, she could feel warm breath on her neck, but her hand didn’t connect to anything when she slapped the air, turning around to face the space where her stalker should have been. No one. She began to run towards her house. The wind was picking up, making a dreadful swishing noise when it passed. Her hair was in her eyes, and she couldn’t see very well. What she could see were the maple trees, seemingly waving her over to them in the heavy gusts moving their branches. She was being pulled, like a puppet on a string towards them, until she was stumbling frantically towards them, circling them, and then approaching the next tree – searching. For what? She wasn’t sure. Her mind was twisted in knots, and she couldn’t even remember why she was here in the first place. The world began to spin – but stopped abruptly when a strong pair of hands stopped her.
“Jen – Jen! Are you alright?” Chris’s voice was panicked, concerned. His tall figure embraced her, but she didn’t relax as she would usually to his familial presence. She was so cold, and began to shake in a motion of silent crying – her vision breaking up with dark spotting. She began to gag, choking on an unknown liquid. That’s when she tasted salt, and the world went black.

Narrative by Chris
She slumps in my arms, coughing quietly, each cough weaker and weaker until she falls silent. I believe she has passed out, but she isn’t breathing. I’m staring at her attempting to figure out what to do with this body, and if she is alright. A drop falls on my wrist and I look up at the sky to check the rain, but there is none. I lean over her body resting in my arms to look at my wrist, and realize that the liquid is a dark red – it’s coming from her, from Jen. She is completely still, except for her face. I flinch as my eyes fall on her mouth, filled with blood, a trickle running down the side of her face. Unprepared for this sight, I drop her. But she doesn’t fall to the cold cement waiting for her. My arms let go of her, but the moment her feet touch the ground her body straightens, inhumanly pulling herself into a standing position. She turns toward me, head bent down, her hair hanging as a faint wall obscuring my vision of her face. When she looks up, and the hair falls away, her eyes open and I gasp – there is nothing there. In the same moment, she is upon me, biting my neck. My scream doesn’t make a sound. Darkness.

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