The Mouses POV

June 3, 2010
By JoeyR BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
JoeyR BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I opened my eyes. I started to look around. I saw what looked like to be a log, and next to that was a rock. Then I realized I was in a glass case. I started to walk to another corner when I heard a slithering noise. I got frightened. Then I heard a hissing noise. I was so scared that I had an accident. I dropped a little pellet. It didn’t really smell. The thing I smelled the most was fear, my fear. I tried to hide but there was no place to do so. I wished somehow I could get out of this glass case I’m stuck in and get to those pencils. Man did they look good. The taste of them must be better than cheese. Then when I turned around I felt something. It wasn’t soft, but slimey. When I turned my head I was looking at a rattle snake. Man was I scared. I tried to back up, but I was pressed up against the wall of the glass case. He started to get closer. I could hear his rattler. He crept closer. I knew it was too late to run now. So I decided if I was going out, it was going to be in a manly mouse matter! So I put my tiny fists up, and the snake lunged at me, I dodged it and hit him square in his eye with my tiny mouse fist. He was pretty shaken up, he probably thought why is that stupid mouse fighting back? Then he lunged again and this time it was it. I could feel his teeth penetrating my flesh. I closed my eyes. Then some time later I opened them again, and I was in the snake’s stomach. All I could see was darkness. Then I went for it, one mighty leap out and I landed back where I was standing where I first standing when I figured out I was in a glass case. Then I heard a noise, it was a song, a very calm soothing song. I opened my eyes and realized it was all a dream. I was in the case and none of that happened. Then all of a sudden I saw the snake, and realized dreams might come true. After we made eye contact he lunged at me.

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