June 1, 2010
By MillieKae GOLD, McCook, Nebraska
MillieKae GOLD, McCook, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"I step into the great unknown, the ball and chain I call my own."
-Sublime "Ball and Chain"

There is nothing creepier than a tiny town in Nevada. I approached this town and saw the sign that said, "Avalon population-100"
"Ugh, mom why do we have to do this?"
Because we need to see your old friends, they would like you to come and see them."
"Well okay, but, why do we need to stay for 4 days?"
"Because I want to see my old workers and see your dad so we can get the divorce final."
My mom and dad had been married for 17 years and my mom finally wants a divorce. She says it is too grown up for me and i will never get it, but i beg to differ. What I think is she got bored and found another man so she could travel the world when I get out of high school. But that is more that 3 years away.
"Mom can you please tell me why you are divorcing dad?"
"No, you wouldn't get it, you are only 14."
"But mom I get things you don't think I get!!!"
"MIllie I don't want to argue! STOP!"
" I sighed and moved my brown hair out of my face. She doesn't get a thing I say to her. At least my dad has an idea of what goes on in a teenager's life. I lived in Avalon when I was in middle school, but that was a memory I would like to forget. My friends are nice and supportive, but they drag me down to this tiny town every spring. Ethan was my first friend. Nickie was his friend and over time we got to know each other. And Nickie's sister is Magetha. She is only 12, but she is still my best friend. I got out of our car and walked up to dad's 2 story house. I opened the door and everyone of my friends welcomed me back to Avalon.
"Hey look who's here!!" Ethan said.
"Hey, she is my best friend and she deserves to talk to me first! Hi, how is your new life hun?"
"Hello Millie, its good to see you, but I got to go to um..........school."
I was more than excited to see them. since Nickie ran off so quick, we just went to Ethan's house. Our favorite show as on, Futerama, so we started watching. There wasn't a good choice of shows on TV because it was 1999, but we managed. A few hours passed and we decided to go home so we could see the family and have a great nights sleep. Magetha's house was on the way to my dad's house, so I walked with her. We got to her house and the door was open, wide open. Magetha went in first. We wandered in very slowly and kept yelling out for her parents. We split up and started looking around her house. She went upstairs and I went to the living room. There I saw the most grueling sight in my entire life. Hanging from the rafters, were more that 50 people. I backed up slowly, my eyes never leaving the sight. As Magetha ran up she screamed out:
"I don't know, but it was something awful."
Then I saw my mom hanging there lifeless with all the parents, business owners, and kids I used to go to school with. I started to cry when gunshots rang out.
"m-m-m-millie, p-p-p-please h-h-h-help m-m-m-me."
I went over to Magetha and saw she had been hit in the stomach. She died in my arms. When I got done grieving for all my fellow people I walked out of the house.
"Ethan, are you okay? Did you see everything?" I sobbed.
"Yes I did, but look at this."
In the window all the people, who were dead, dropped form the rafters and started dancing to music. They were dancing and wandering towards us!
"Come on, lets leave and go to your house so we will be safe."
We ran up to my room when we got there. Ethan went to my bathroom and I just stayed there to get cleaned up. While dazed I turned on my CD player and got out some clean clothes. All of a sudden, I realized there were 25 towns people shot and killed on my bed. They all got up and started dancing around.
"Ethan! They are going to eat me!!!!!!"
Ethan ran in and with a quick flick of his wrist, he knocked off the zombies heads. Stunned, they didn't move for a while. That was the time I ran out with Ethan and ran to the school. We checked each room and then we met up in the science room. I peaked my head in to look around. My dad was on a spinning wheel and his limbs were to mark the points. I came in and saw Nickie.
"Hey what are you doing?" You shouldn't be doing this!"
"Go away! I'm busy!"
"No, not till you tell me what you are doing!"
"Okay, let me show you!"
He turned around and showed me, showed me Ethan. He was on the table. Blue and black, lifeless and cold. In Nickie's hand, he held a jar that said "Sample ZOMBIE JUICE." He dropped it and took me bye the hand, dragged me out to the car, and drove me to a little, old house in Kansas. He had kept me tied up to a wall with big chains. If I made a sound or moved I would be tortured. One day I ran out to the corn fields after I got out of the chains and fell down, exhausted. Then music started to play. Zombies came surrounding me, closing in, touching me. I screamed "LET ME GO!"
"Hey, HEY, are you okay?"
There sat my teacher Miss O'day. She told me that I was daydreaming and then started screaming. She sent me to the counselor. Miss O'day went out into the hall with counselor. There in the corner I saw Nickie just standing there. He laughed and evil laugh and told me not to feel safe.
"I will always be with you and there is nothing you can do with me!"
I told that to my counselor that I see every day. They take me out of my room with pads on the walls to see her. They think I'm crazy, but I'm not, I just had a bad experience. Yet, I'm glad I'm here. I feel safe here. I don't get bothered by Nickie and I have time to myself. So the question is, "Am I crazy?"

The author's comments:
I love zombies and horror!

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