Shocking Discovery

June 10, 2010
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Look at him. The boy wimpering like a puppy. "I will end you" I told the boy. The little boy was the last remaining child alive in the orphanage. I, the world renowned serial killer Jack Spiel, was going to complete my mission of loathing and end this child's life. "You are pathetic. How old are you boy? Thirteen?" The boy just cried more and held up twelve fingers. Wait, twelve fingers? What was this freak? "What the" I started but he started laughing then. "I've caught you Jack. I'm not human. I am a Chephocyte. A strange inhuman race from the center of the Earth, and you..." he smirked. "You are dead now." He let out a shriek louder than any I've ever heard. I pulled out my pistol. I reloaded and fired at his face. The shot connected with his skull and the sound of metal on metal rang throughout the burning orphanage. "You'd better try harder than that, Jack" the monster laughed. It was odd that he wasn't attacking me, but standing there and letting me fire upon him. He was invincible to human weapons, that had to be the case. I grabbed my frag grenade and lobbed it at him, then quickly pulled out my pistol again and started shooting rapidly at his heart. I saw as blood spurt from his torso and legs when the grenade landed. "I got you, freak" I said with pride. "That's what you think" he said laughing. "You cannot kill me with anything you have." I understood now. I couldn't kill him with what I had, it's what I didn't have that counted. "You're right" I said with fake shock. "I can't. Please have mercy on me." He just laughed and pulled out a giant gun. "Oh I'll have mercy on you, Jack." He fire rapidly. He had to have been shooting 25 shots a second. I dived to the left of me to a wardrobe and opened it. Lucky for me, I had hidden a flamethrower in there before I had started my assault. I knew that I might need it if many police came. But I didn't need it for police, I needed it for some monster. I grabbed it while he reloaded. I shouted "Get ready to tan freak," and I fired. He screamed as I burned him. This was his weakness. Fire. He had caught on fire but he didn't give up. He grabbed a grenade that I had never seen before and he stuck it to my head. There had to be knives of something attaching it because it throbbed and there was no way I could get it out. He started running away so he didn't catch the blast. I was smart though and followed him because I knew I was going to die, so he was coming with me. I was right next to him when I turned my head to face him... And we both blew up. The orphanage burned as I watched from heaven as firefighters put the fire out. I had sinned, yes, but I went to heaven for saving mankind from an alien-type freak. I was a hero in one way, and a villain. But that's life. You will always be hated by some (or all in my case), but you can be a hero as well. I didn't think that could happen, but it was a shocking discovery.

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hiddenpoet said...
Jun. 12, 2010 at 12:39 pm
I wrote this thinking of the Grinders for Gears of War 2.
hiddenpoet replied...
Jun. 12, 2010 at 12:40 pm
From Gears of War 2 meant.
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