Brotherhood Of Lies

June 6, 2010
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Have you ever heard of the devil? Not the devil from hell, the one that takes over people and directs them the wrong way. It messes up your mind and makes you do things of the unthinkable. You will do all sorts of stuff. Murder most likely. When people just randomly murder, it’s called a serial killer. Serial killers are hard to catch. That’s where I come in. I’m detective Pierre. Jean Pierre. All my work is done in Paris, and this was the scariest case I’ve ever had.

Chapter 1

. “Good morning detective,” my secretary, Scarlett greeted. “Good morning” I replied back as I poured a cup of black coffee. I don’t like my coffee with sugar, milk or cream. I like it black and pure.

I stumbled to my desk and sat in my soft leather computer chair. I just have a feeling this is going to be a long day, I thought. I turned on my desktop computer and checked my inbox. There was one remaining message. I double clicked on it. It was a message from sergeant.

Detective Pierre, I have much to tell

you. Right after you read this you

must delete this message. After that

you must come straight to my office.

You might not like it.
- Sergeant

“I’m glad you’re here detective” the sergeant started. He continued,” there is a new guy. You are going to teach him all you know.” “ And I had to delete that e-mail right away, why?” “ Because you’re the best. Everyone wants to learn from you!” “ I’m flattered,” I said sarcastically. “He will be here tomorrow”
He said nothing else. He didn’t tell me his name or anything. “ Scarlett.” I called. “Yes.” She replied in a sweet soft voice. “Do you know anything about my new…how do I say it, pupil?” “ Do you mean the new guy you are going to teach?” “Yes” I replied. “ I’m sorry I only know his name.” “ That’s all I need,” I said eagerly. “ His name is Todd Bull.”

Chapter 2

I somewhat ran to my computer and typed his name in the police school records. His name was there. I clicked on the word “record” next to his picture. Something popped up, it read this:

Todd Bull: Criminal record of a second-degree murder at the age of 21.
His sentence was 20 years in prison and then forced to join the police department.

“Oh my god!” I muttered to myself. “I’m going to work with a murderer!” I’m not trusting this psychopath with anything, I thought. At least he is coming tomorrow. I have time to think. He’s going to be hard.

Late last night I figured out what I was going to do. Though, on my way to the station I saw a crowd of people right outside the entrance to the Catacombs. The Catacombs are a maze of underground tunnels holding the bones of many dead people, due to the lake of space above.

I pulled out my badge to get through. There were a lot of people to get through. Some of the people I saw coming screamed screams of horror. Once I got through I understood why. I saw the far most disturbing thing I have ever seen.

Chapter 3

There was a dead body. The body was hanging at the top of the entrance to the Catacombs. The body’s arms and legs were chopped off. The worst part was the body was hanging from its intestines.

I’d checked out the body. A large knife chopped off the arms and legs. Not any old kitchen knife. “ Hey detective,” sergeant started. “What did you find out about this corpse?” “ I only fond a note”

Just taking my victim to the gates of hell for you.
- Hell Ripper
“Hell Ripper?” sergeant started. “That’s to much of a mouthful. I’m calling him HR. “What does he mean by the gates of hell?” I asked “ Well, you did find the body by the entrance to the Catacombs. He is probably referring to that.” “Yeah, well…kind of gruesome don’t you think?” “ Not for a psycho.” “ Hey speaking of psychos!” I started. “Did you know that the guy you told me was coming today had a criminal record?” “Yes, I did”, the sergeant replied. “Well…whatever”, I mumbled. “He’s not coming anymore” “Why?” I asked. “He was the victim”.

* * *
We had an idea to try and catch this killer. Unfortunately, that idea will have to wait a little while because today there was another body hanging the same way as before. There was also another note, but it read nothing. It was just a blank piece of paper.

“Considering that there was another body today, your waiting for him tonight, ok, detective?” “…. Sure” I said with a gulp”.

* * *
9:00 pm: people are still on the streets but no killer. I’m not expecting HR to come this early anyway.
10:00 pm: for a whole hour I was clutching my gun. Looking at the entrance to the Catacombs is kind of frightening. There is nobody on the streets, but HR is still not here.

At about 11:40 someone with a dead body over his shoulder shows up. I bet it was him. I jumped out and yelled, “ Freeze!” What the heck am I doing? I thought. “OK” he said sounding scared. “Shoot me” he continued. Then he mouthed something to me. It’s not me, look up. I slowly looked up. There was a young looking man with a hockey mask on and long black hair dangling down. He jumped off the building and broke off into a run. He ran into the Catacombs.

Without thinking I ran after him. It was dark except for one dangling light. He just stood there with his black eyes glaring at me. He was holding a knife like a machete. Jason wannabe, I thought. He slowly picked up his knife. He jabbed it into his chest. “I’m not going to jail Jean!” he said. “We can help you” I replied. “Forget that!” he said. He took his knife out of his chest and shoved it into his head. I stood there speechless as he fell to the ground.

Chapter 4

Suddenly he stood up and started to run deeper into the catacombs. I was paralyzed. “ I’m not going in there.” I said softly.

“The little faker!” sergeant started. “ It looked so real” I replied. “ Why did he use someone else?” Sergeant asked. “Maybe he new we were coming and he used that guy as a puppet.” I replied.

“ Stop right there!” I heard an officer yell outside of the office. “ What are you doing here?” I asked, closing the door to the office. “Wait” he yelled. “I’m not him. I swear to god I’m not him. All I know is, he is going to kill me if I don’t tell you something”. “Hell Ripper? What the heck, he should be calling himself the puppet master by now” the sergeant said. “He said he wants the guy he saw yesterday to come to the catacombs tomorrow.” Not even a split second after the guy said that, a sniper from the other building shot him. The man lay on the floor with a huge abnormal sized clear bullet in his head. There was a note inside.

And now this story will end. Today was Monday, October 13th. The fateful day I met this monster. The note that was in the bullet, said that until I came there would be twenty-four hours of terror. People were literally detonated every second. There were only about ten buildings left in the city. Then he showed up. “Sit down”, he said. “On what”, I said. He said nothing. I sat on the floor. “Do you know who I actually am?” he said. “No”, I said. He took off his mask. It was my brother!

The sniper came out. It was my other brother. “What the heck are you doing here?” I asked. My brothers, David and Vincent were the ones terrorizing Paris all along. “No need to be fussy” David stated. “We are just doing this to have a little fun. Ruling the city and having your own henchmen…it feels great!” All of a sudden I noticed that while I was listening, Vincent had tied my arms behind my back.

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