The End

June 3, 2010
By Wasabi129 BRONZE, Gold River, California
Wasabi129 BRONZE, Gold River, California
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Life is like a roller-coaster. Its got ups and downs, its thrilling, exciting, makes many turns, and sometimes makes you queasy.

“The birds are singing their song of joy,
The faint caw of the crow pierces through
chirp chirp chirp chirp caw caw caw
chirp chirp chirp chirp caw caw caw
Outside of this subconscious paradise in my mind
I hear a woman distantly speaking in foreign tongues”

I sit here, cradling the only thing keeping them away. The metal gleams and seems to smile up at me. I have no fear. My sweaty shirt clings to my body; much like a baby clings to its mother. The crows are cawing closer now. I have no fear. The walls of this room which I am taking refuge in are faded. The wallpaper is riddled with pink flowers that were once pleasing to some innocent little girl’s eyes, eyes that are, at the moment, undoubtedly residing in the belly of a beast. The flowers are scratched and distorted, as if some poor creature desperately trying to escape this hellish prison viciously attacked them. They seem to smile down at me with a sinister grimace and rub in my face that my time is near. The gun is cold in my hands. It is time.

I hear a sorrowful groan in the distance. It is a groan that I’ve come to know all to well. It’s the groan of a prisoner of war, kept from their loved ones, longing for freedom. It’s the groan of a tortured beast, suffering and slowly dying. It’s also the groan of my adversaries. People, children, and neighbors I once knew. Family members, pets, policemen, they’re all gone and in their places are beasts with no moral, no fear, and no emotions.
I can clearly recall the days before hell erupted on Earth. Barbeques, block parties, birthday parties, and Church, days when we’d come together and be merry. I can even remember Mother in her beautiful yellow dress, a dress that is now probably bloodstained and soiled with mud and filth. I remember all my cousins and the fun we would have together, the neighbors that would have barbeques and parties in the summer with delicious foods such as hamburgers and hotdogs. We’d sit at the table and visit, maybe go for a swim in the pool. Those days are long gone now.
It wasn’t so bad at first…well compared to now. The world was in a great depression, one that nobody saw coming. Times were bad, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t bounce back from eventually. But then it happened.
I don’t remember the exact details, it’s so foggy and my mind is trying so hard to forget. The people felt depressed and alone and they wanted an escape. What resulted was a prominent diplomat proposing a plan to unite all the people in the world in one last ditch effort to save our race. The people didn’t like this idea because it sounded “too hard,” and was “too much work” They were too busy feeling bad about themselves to even listen to this idea. They wanted an easier way out. They wanted a “magic pill” that would make all their problems go away. The people protested, rioted, claimed that the government were a bunch of wealthy, corrupt men holding out on the people, treating them like animals. It’s funny how we think we are better than animals, but at times, when we’re really desperate, we can be ferocious and savage. The governments decided to give the people what they wanted. The “perfect emotion suppressor” they called it. Unfortunately it worked a little too well.
Once the first people were infected, it spread like a wildfire. Whole cities were gone over night. That was a about a year ago. Everyone has either been infected or devoured by one of the infected. I am the last of a race that was once put here by God, a race that has damned itself because of a little discomfort. We have no one to blame but ourselves. The suspense is slowly killing me inside. Any second now my family, friends, lover, and neighbors will burst through that portal to hell in front of me. But they won’t be the people I knew and loved, those people are long gone, but rather the monsters in their place. They will be bent on one thing, exterminating the last of a once mighty and dominant race that was brought to its knees by itself, a race that these creatures once belonged to.
I look out the window and see what used to be Earth. Earth is also gone. Earth is the one planet fit for life. This planet isn’t fit for the wild animals that now dominate it. Wild animals that came from the jungles and forests when they saw that humanity had expired. I can hear the thudding of my demise’s feet against the cracked pavement. The door shatters and my adversaries come flooding in. The gun becomes warm in my hand and I smell the gun powder as it fires. The tiny pellets burst out and fly towards the enemy. I hear screaming and feel the heat and recoil of my last line of defense. Suddenly every particle of my being screams in pain.
It is all over.

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on Jun. 12 2010 at 11:36 pm
roxymutt BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. -David Henry Thoreau

this is reaaaaalllyyy good but it reminds me a little too much of i am legend contiue writing though i really did like the details and emotions


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