Mid Night Hour

June 7, 2010
By Cdecker23 BRONZE, Red Hook, New York
Cdecker23 BRONZE, Red Hook, New York
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The Midnight Hour

“Help, somebody help” screamed the Rachel Sanders running through the dark damp forest from what is going to surely be her doom. As she just thought she has escaped she fell and was knocked down by a low lying tree branch. Just as she staggered to her feet she saw the cold, vicious eyes of the Raven Hollow psychopath. She had just enough time to let out one last blood churning scream before he forced her to her feet and pulled the trigger on his double barrel shotgun.
A few miles at home resting in on his couch Connor Jackson heard the scream. He leaped up from his chair screaming “that’s Rachel’s voice.” He shot out the door as fast as he could. He was sprinting shouting her name and finally when he was about to give up he say something that shattered his heart. He saw his girlfriend laying life less on the ground. With he stomach busted open from the blast of the shotgun. He fell to his knees crying all the pain he felt inside was overwhelming. Just as he gripped her hand in his he noticed the worst thing that could happened he saw that vile smile that the Raven Hollow psychopath leaves on his victims. He with all his might screamed “I’ll get you psychopath.” Then he feel to Rachel and cried and cried until he had no tears to cry.
The midnight moon was shining and Connor sprinted with Rachel in his arms to the Hospital to see if there was any way to save her. He ran in screaming “help, help, help she has been shot.” At that exact moment doctor Greg came to Connor and asked.
“What happened?”
“I don’t know I ran to the forest and found her and I ran here” said Connor.
“Ok” said the light blond haired doctor. “We need a stretcher to take her to the emergency room stat.” The doctor and nurses shot down the white hallway to the end where there was a flashing light that said surgery in progress.
“You can’t go in,” said Doctor Greg
“I must” insisted Connor. But, before he could answer Greg shut the door. Connor went to the waiting room. He made the hard realization that he had to tell Rachel’s mom and dad.
Connor started the walk to Rachel’s house. On the way down the moon lit road he thought “what could I say?” At that moment he came to the big silver house that Rachel calls hers. He walks to the door and summons the courage to ring the door bell.
There was a long pause but, then Rachel’s mother in he robe and slippers comes to the door. He greets her with a hug. She invites him in. She says, “Connor have you seen Rachel, she hasn’t come home from her shift at the mall.”
“Well that’s what I came here for,” said Connor his face turning bright red.

Seeing this, Rachel’s mom says, “What’s the matter?”
Connor said the horrible news and Rachel’s mother broke into tears. Rachel’s father hearing this came down stairs.
“What!?!?!” said Mr. Sanders.

After again saying the story the Sanders raced to the hospital in there car.

Connor to began the walk but, on the way he spotted the orange jumpsuit. He started into the woods and just like he saw he was chasing the psychopath. As he caught up he pulled out his knife and caught him between the shoulder blades. He flung Connor off of his back. Connor tripped over a rock. As he hurried to his feet he heard a shot and had a sharp pain in his leg. He had blown a part of Connor’s leg off. Connor got up and he stumbled to him. As he tired to swing the butt of the gun at Connor. Connor with one quick jabbed stabbed him right in the heart. Then Connor cut a nice simile on his face.
Then he limbed to the hospital. When he arrived he had no energy. He passed out on the floor. The next thing he knew he was on a hospital bed with his parents by his side. Then he remembered about Rachel. He got out of bed and went to her. When he opened the curtain he felt I he was in heaven. Rachel was alive. Then he said,” He will never hurt you again.” Then he kissed her and time just seemed to stand still.

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on Jul. 16 2010 at 9:16 pm
Cdecker23 BRONZE, Red Hook, New York
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this is amazing



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