May 29, 2010
"Good-night ladies" ... Hector patrolled past the wet walls and paced up and down the storm colored floor tiles, double checking every cell. Night stick in one hand , Arrogant stick up ... well you know where. Even with my eyes close i could tell my cell was darkened . I sat empty and thought to myself ..." If i had the chance , I'd hit that b*****d as hard as posible" then with a steal feeling that took over my mind , I never remembered the master door open or close to the cell block . Then a voice spoke“ Yup I heard that Blorn, must you always forget ? Unlike the the others I ALWAYS keep my visaudi on .” I knew he was standing close to the bars , the smell of his slacking hygiene added into the hint . “ Would of thought technollogy wouldn't have to help you with that one..” with no comment I could here him stand there still breathing that smell from his crooked teeth , But soon after his foot steps followed he then continued to talk “6E Blorn ….6E.” . That was my serial number , all of us had them . Guess he was just bringing this solitude to my attention. Ever since the guards got those stupid mind reader , Hector had been on the inmates like a dog. It was irritating , but I'd delt with worse here. It was the year 2102 , been in here since “101” . A year had gone bye and I was ready to leave for good. “ Five more days and ill be out of this hole, it'll be all over. But I use to be more then this …. more than a regular inmate. Working For corpsus was my life , undercover corporate discoverer was my job. Until I screwed up...

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