Washington D.C., Chapter 1 - The Flight

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

(Alicia's View)
At Altona Middle School every April the 8th graders go to Washington D.C. I was packing my bag for the trip.My class left at 2:00 AM. In my group that I have to stay with, Patrick, Quinn, Ryan, Zack, and Brissa. The plane was supposed to be filled with only my our school. every group except ours was on that plane there were too many groups to fit on that plane. Our teachers arranged for us to fly out on a jet. Our jet was supposed to take off at 1:00 AM. But was rescheduled for 2:30 AM. My group was sleeping, all except me.
We boarded the jet but I am fearful of heights so I was super drowsy from the Dramamine. After the medicine wore off we were still flying to D.C. I couldn't get into my bag with the medicine. the seatbelt sign flashed on and the pilot came over the loud speaker. He said we need the girl in the row 3 seat 1. Of course that happened to be my seat. I got up and went to the cockpit. I asked what they needed me for.
"Just be quiet." the pilot said. The co-pilot took over the controls. The pilot grabbed me by my wrists and pulled out handcuffs. He locked together and put duct tape over my mouth. He reached in his back pocket and pulled out a small handgun.
"Shut up or I shoot!" He screamed. I just squirmed trying to get out of his clutches. Bang he had sot at my foot. lucky for me he had terrible aiming. "Now do you want that to be in your head?" he asked. I shook my head no.
Meanwhile in the cabin. Patrick, Quinn, and Ryan were whispering among each other. Brissa was starting to freak out and Zack was trying to keep her calm.
The pilot had taken the handcuffs and duct tape off when I promised not to scream. "I need you to do something." he whispered in my ear. "You need to take this gun and shoot the co-pilot." I nodded.
"Will I get caught?" I asked nervously.
"No honey I will only rat you out if you tell anyone in the cabin." He said. The pilot took over the controls again. I walked up quietly behind the co-pilot, aimed, and shot him three times. Once in the back and twice in the head.
"There I did it can I go back in the cabin?"
"No there is one more thing you have to do to not be caught. Wash the gun thoroughly with latex gloves on. Then give the gun back to me after you are done. Then you may go back in the cabin." He said. I finished washing the gun and gave it back to him.
I went back into the cabin and didn't notice I was gushing blood. I had gotten cut when I was trying to get away. Now it had begun throbbing. The seat belt sign flashed off when I sat down.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by LOST to write this piece.

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