May 19, 2010
By RobZombiebabe BRONZE, South Richmond Hill, New York
RobZombiebabe BRONZE, South Richmond Hill, New York
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Adam paced the small, square room obsessively. He had to get out of here, he couldn’t stay here; he wasn’t crazy; he was coming, he was coming! The Devil was coming to kill him. He pounded on the metal door, the only thing keeping him from keeping his dirtied soul. Adam slid down to the clean, white floors, a mess of pathetic sobs. He dragged his pale, shaking body to the army cot of his own personal prison and began to pull himself up upon the bedding before stopping. If he slept on the bed, the Devil would find him, he couldn’t sleep out in the open. Adam crawled under the cot, curling up into a ball and drifting away.

Adam’s eyes shot awake as he felt gusts of hot air across his brow. He squeezed his eyes shut once more when he heard a growl of hunger above his body. He opened his eyes slowly and began to slither away, slowly in fear. His cot, his only shield, had been ripped away leaving him at the mercy of this unholy beast. The Devil had sent it, whatever the drooling, hulking mass of death was. It was resembled a mutated, rotting dog, but its size was inhuman, unbelievable, not from this world. It sneered down at Adam, its snout curling to reveal it yellow, blood stained fangs. The beast barked at him, drool, evil and acid dripping from its mouth. It barked once more, flesh and fur dropping from it’s body; decayed and rotting.

Adam felt his chest begin to burn from the lack of oxygen from the breath he hadn’t even realized he was holing. He let out a breath; his heart stopping in his chest as the beast’s eyes snapped to his body. The beast took a step towards him, the weight of its gargantuan paw making the metal floors crack and groan, while it’s raggedly sharp claws, scraped along the floor; the sound rattling his brain. Adam rolled away at the last second as the beast’s paw slammed down to the ground. Adam held his breath as the beast looked around; it’s snow white eyes vacant, angry and confused.

Adam then realized; the demon beast was blind! He foolishly let out a loud sigh of relief and stood quickly as the beast broke its own neck to look in his direction. The beast ran at him, its neck lolling about freakishly, and killing intent written all over its grotesque face. Adam slid to the side to the side, his heart hammering against his ribs and adrenaline blasting through his veins before grabbing a small table lamp that had been knocked down by the beast. He threw it at the beast’s back, his eyes wide as it bounced off, doing nothing but angering the beast more. Adam pressed his back against his the wall behind him, praying to God that he could just disappear into that same wall.

Well, his prayers were answered.

Adam felt his body falling and let out a hoarse scream of agony as he twisted his body to where his destination lay. Below him was a pool of molten lava, black as death, bubbling and filled to the brim with sea beasts, who seemed to gather around for his arrival.

The newest arrival in Hell.

Adam closed his eyes, not wanting see the lava before he felt it melting away his flesh. His body spasmed and jerked as his back hit something solid and cool. Adam sat up and slammed his head into the bottom of the cot, lying back with a yowl of pain. He opened his eyes hesitantly; afraid of what he would see. He slid them open only to let out a sigh of relief before slamming a hand over his mouth. He held his breath and laid there, waiting for the beast to attack, to chew on his neck as it were a piece of gum. He slowly started to breathe once more, his body shaking with every breath. He poked his head out from under the cot and looked around, his eyes sliding from side to side, slowly.

There was nothing.

Adam crawled out from under his bed and stood shakily, covered in cold sweat and tears. He let out a maniacal laugh, surprising himself as the sound echoed across the room. He swallowed down any more emotion.

It was just a nightmare. Adam breathed heavily and surveyed his room, everything was in place; the stupid, worn down cot, the terrible, rusted metal door, the claw marks on the ground-

Claw marks?!

Adam swallowed down the scream waiting to burst out of his throat. He ran to the metal door of his room; banging on it so harshly, the bullet proof window began to crack at the force.

“Help me! Help me! Don’t leave me here! I’m not crazy! I’m not f***ing crazy! Let me out! Let me out before he comes for me! Please!” The last word came out as a pitiful sob.

He banged harder at the door, his cries becoming frantic as he felt flames licking up his feet and his heart begin to slow.

As he vision began to blur, he slid down the door, the black of his soul pouring out of his mouth like a demonic waterfall. He heard the voices, whispering his demise and laughing at his pathetic death.

He fell to the floor, his eyes and mouth open in a silent scream as the last of his soul erupted from his chest and was dragged down through the floor.

This wasn’t a nightmare.

The author's comments:
Inspired by Nightmare-Avenged Sevenfold

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