The End Chapter 3

May 19, 2010
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We opened the doors surprised that they weren’t locked. The inside was beautiful. Black leather seats with the original steering wheel. I slid into the drivers seat. My brother opened the passenger door and laid in the seat. I looked around pulling down the visors and a pair of keys fell to my lap. I pushed the key that said Chevrolet into the key slot and turned it. The engine started with a roar.

“We can go through the Lincoln Tunnel to Jersey”, I said knowing the area well, “Then we can search for survivors and wait it out there.”

“Sounds like a plan”, My brother said drifting off to sleep.

We drove down the road about four miles then taking a left. The tunnel wasn’t that blocked up. There was twenty or so cars pretty stretched out. We made a right then left then right and left again and so on.

We finally got to the end of the tunnel. It looked worse than Manhattan. Buildings had fallen over and covered the streets. Cars were upside down and on fire. I took a right then a sharp left going around a collapsed building. I was drifting off to sleep. I shook myself trying to wake up.


A car exploded catching me off guard. I swerved hard to the right.


The car slammed into a piece of concrete from a building. I blacked out.


The car started shaking waking me up. My eyes fluttered open then closed and opened. The sun was blinding causing me to shield my eyes. The rumble continued, but got progressively harder.

My eyes got adjusted to the light. I thought I was dreaming. A one-hundred foot wall of water was engulfing buildings and destroying everything in its path.

“Holy! Oh my God! Austin wake up!”, I yelled as I put the car in reverse and floored it.

The car didn’t move. I turned the ignition.


“Start! Start, Start!”, I yelled at myself.


The engine roared to life. I floored the gas pedal immediately reversing through the tunnel. I took a sharp turn to the left then backing up into the tunnel. I dodged cars.

“What’s going on!”, My brother yelled confused.

I was paying to much attention to my driving to answer. We were about one-hundred-feet from the end of the tunnel.

Bam! Bam! Whineee!

The wall of water over took the tunnel.


The tunnel started to bend.


The first part of the tunnel collapsed letting even more water into the tunnel.

Brrr, Brrr, Brrrr!

The car started to go slower. I floored the gas pedal. Nothing happened. I looked at the gas gauge.

“You have got to be kidding me!”, I yelled.

“What? What?”, My brother yelled back at me looking at the wall of water.

“Get out of the car!”, I demanded my brother.

“What? Why?”, My brother asked.

“Were out of gas!” I yelled.

The water was approaching fast. I leaped out of the car running despite my wounds. My brother was a few feet behind.


The tunnel broke off again. The Camaro was gone. We ran our fastest. We got to the end of the tunnel and then broke left to the nearest building.

It was an apartment building.

We burst through the doors shutting them after. Immediately the doors burst open, water filling the room immediately. The windows of the lobby burst.

We ran to the stairwell and started sprinting up the stairs. The door burst open water engulfing the floor as we reached the second story of stairs. We went through the third story of stairs. Water bursting in through all levels of the floor made the stairs slippery. My brother tripped, but I quickly retrieved him and we continued our consent. Water quickly caught up to us engulfing our ankles. We reached the seventh story of the stairs still water catching up to us. We then scaled the eighth then ninth and finally the tenth. The water still came toward us. We scaled another story and finally the water came up slowly. We collapsed in exhaustion.

“Did we just run from a giant wave of water?”, my brother asking in short breaths of astonishment.

“I think we did”, I said in amazement.

We sat there for another five minutes in amazing.

Brrrr! Crash! Crack!

The building vibrated then tilted then fell ten feet and started leaning to the flow of the water.

“What was that?”, My brother asked.

The water rushed in fast. We stood up as it covered our ankles. We flew against the wall. The building tilted violently freeing from the base. The building began to sink in the water. The water rushed in.

“Go higher!”, I yelled to my brother.

We mountain climbed the halls of the floor slipping occasionally. We entered a random room shutting the door behind us. We ran into the room taking a look at our surroundings. Everything in the room was toppled over.

“Where do we go now?”, My brother asked me.

“I don’t know. We gotta hurry though”, I told him.


The building shook then started turning. We were tossed around like rag dolls. My brother slammed against the closet braking through it. I landed on a dresser toppling over the side.

We both stood up. We were standing on the wall of the room instead of the floor. The windows were on the ceiling.

“Hey I got an idea” I told my brother.

“What?”, Austin asked.

“The windows on top so if we can get each other onto the side of the building. That way we won’t be drowned by the water in here”, I suggested.

My brother looked at me.

“That has got to be the stupidest idea I have ever heard”, he replied.

“Well I don’t hear you making up any”, I said back to him.

“Because either way Sean. If we do get out of here, which I don’t see happening, we will have to go through this crap over and over again. The world is gone Sean. Manhattan is underwater. Just give it a rest!”, he yelled at me.

I paced around the room.

“You know something. I haven’t seen you do one thing Austin. I have been saving you the entire time and yet you want to give up. Well you can sit in this room and die, but I’m going to try my hardest to live and I’m going to make it”, I said to him.

There was silence for about five minutes.

“Lets go along with your plan”, My brother told me breaking the silence.

“Okay. I’m going to lift you through the window and you are going to sit on the building and pull me through okay?”, I asked him.

“Okay”, He answered.

We walked to the center of the wall. I put my hands together and Austin stepped into them. I lifted him up through the window.

“Holy!”, Austin yelled.

He picked himself up and sat on the building side. He leaned back over the window and lowered his arm down so I could grab it.

I reached up.

Bam!, Crash!

The building toppled again going lower into the water. The door to the room burst open letting rushing water in. The water swept my feet as my fingers touched my brothers. I slammed against the ground. The rapids pulled me out of the room.

“Sean!”, My brother yelled as I went underwater.

I was swept down the halls and finally slammed against floor. I pushed off the floor and started swimming up the hall. I reached the doorway and pulled myself in. I pushed off the doorway and broke the surface of the water with my hand. My brother grabbed it and pulled me out of the water. I breathed heavily taking air in.

“Thank you”, I said to my brother now that I was sitting on the side of the building.

The building was sinking fast and the water was just feet away. I stood up and looked down the window. The water was half way up the room. I grabbed my brother and started walking down the tumbling building.

“That building that is coming up…we can jump through those windows”, I said.

“You’re…you’re kidding right. That’s impossible. That’s suicide!”, My brother replied.

The building was two minutes away.

“I know, but we can’t stay here forever or we’ll be underwater”, I told him.

“And you don’t think that if we jump through those windows then we wont be underwater. This building is heading straight for it and once they collide the building will break and we will be in the same situation we are already in”, My brother told the truth.

I started running to the end of the building. My brother followed. Perfect there were two windows side by side. I looked behind me. He was five feet away. I was reaching the end of the building. I touched the end of the building and leaped busting through the window.


I landed on the floor rolling, then slamming into the closet door.

Bam! Crash! Creerrkk!

The building that I was just on slammed into the one I was on now.


The window shattered due to the pressure. I stood up and ran to the door turning the doorknob.


What? The doorknob wouldn’t budge. I turned it a couple more times.


I turned around seeing cement blocks slowly moving out of there slots. I turned toward the wall and started slamming on it.

“Austin! The door is locked!”, I yelled trying to let my brother hear on the other side.


A loud knock came from the other side.

“My door is locked!”, I yelled.

The knocking stopped.

“Hello!”, I yelled.

A cement block fell to the floor letting water rush in. I banged on the door more. The water got up to my ankles. I looked around the room for something to block the flowing water.


Another cement block fell to the water letting even more water in. The water advanced to my knees.


I turned around. There was a hole in the door then my brother face appeared.

“You okay?”, he asked me.

“Water’s coming in”, I answered.

“Stay away from the door”, He replied.

I backed away as the water sloshed against my knees. My brother slammed the axe against the door making a hole big enough for me to fit through.

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