3 people, A car, a fork, and a gun

May 19, 2010
By 77Duct7Tape7Girl77 SILVER, Penacook, New Hampshire
77Duct7Tape7Girl77 SILVER, Penacook, New Hampshire
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It was a stormy night the night "it" all happened. Achlys was making dinner as usual, and he was driving home as he always did at the time, and the revolver was in it's drawr in the kitchen. The The car lights came over and through the window and I went over, looked out & saw that he was walking kind of funny. So I went downstairs. Drunk or high or maybe beaten up. I wasnt sure.
"We're moving! I don't care where! Just soon!" He exclaimed.
"I-wait what? Why?" She asked confused.
After I asked we both sat down, I waited paitently for him to explain. I looked out the window & watched the rain and almost jumped when there was thinder. That's how quiet it was.
"Listen," said Jake, "We just have to move, and get away from here."
"Why though?What's happened?" she asked, still confused. "I'll be willing to, but you need to explain this to me."
He sighed.
"Alright," he said, "I will. See...well I don't know how to explain this.Ok, here it goes, well I honestly don't know what came over me! Today was one of the longest days of my life, but it all ended quick. Tony called me into his office right off. He told me I was being fired because our department is being closed. I was so angry, specially since he still had me come into work today then sent me home. So I went out to the bar, and got drunk. Then I didn't think...and I....I went back to the company....and well...barrowed Jacks car, and when Tony came out...I...It all made me very angry...and so I...ran into him... He slowly said.
"I-" was all I could say. I was speachless.
The pouring rain was starting to come down harder. Achlys thought to herself, "I didn't know how to respond. I didn't know what to say. He's now a murderer! I couldn't believe it! My Jake! My Jake went over to the darkside. I would've made him cookies if he asked me to. I didn't know what to do, he was a hit and run murderer! I can'tbe around that." She didn't say anything, she felt like she needed to get out of there or something. "I'm so, so sorry." Jake kept saying over and over. Suddenly the phone rang, breaking the silence. Achlys answered it, since she had to do something to help her process better. "Hello?" she said, trying to sound calm. "Hey is Jakey there?" asked some chick on the other line. "Can I say who's calling?" I asked her. "Stacy." She responded. I laid the phone down, and went back to the kitchen.
"It's for you." She said to him. The she sat back down, even more flustered by that time. And while he was on the phone with 'Stacy' Achlys thought even more about everything. "Jake is now a hit and run murderer," She thought," and now I don't know but it sounds like I ain't his only favorite girl anymore."
The minute his feet were in the kitchen, she asked casually, "So, 'Jakey' who's 'Stacy'?"
Jake stopped short. He didn't look her in the eyes. Just slowly went back to where he had been sitting just minutes ago, and then looked down at the kitchen table. When he didn't answer her, she said, "So, 'Jakey', that's a new one. I never heard any of your friends or relatives, or even me call you 'Jakey."
Jake still didn't answer.
"Answer me!" Achlys exclaimed, "Who is she?"
Still no answer from him.
"Look you're making it obvious!" She yelled. "So you're not only a hit and run maniac, you've also been cheating on me. Well at least it's been thrown at me all at once in the same day!"
She looked over at the drawr where the revolver was. The she turned back to him.
"I'm sorry." Was all he said.
"That's all you can say, is that you're sorry? Do you really thik thats gunna fix all this? Huh? Well do you?" She responded, sorta loudly.
"What do you want me to say? What do you want me to do?" He responded loudly back.
"I don't know!" She shouted. Then started to cry. Jake went over & tried to give her a hug, but she pushed him away then said, "Get away from me! If you think this is all gunna blow over well you're dead wrong! If you ain't turn yourself in, if you;re not gunna promise me that you'll forget her, and just run away from everything...well then hunny, if you're now a hit and run killer, and a cheater, well then I'll be a suidcidal murderer!" With that she took the fork that was closest to her on the table setting, and stabbed him 20 times in the heart until he was good and dead. Then she got up, got out the revolver, lifted it to her head, and with tears burning through her eyes like wildfire, "BANG!" Shot herself dead.

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