Gregory's Hotel - Chapter 2, Soul #4 Senor Gunman (Part 2)

May 19, 2010
By NoahB123 SILVER, New London, New Hampshire
NoahB123 SILVER, New London, New Hampshire
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I walked into the surprisingly big closet that was chalk-full of things. There was cleaning tools, clothes, towels, and other stuff you usually find in a hotel. Right in the middle of the floor was an envelope. I took it and opened it to find a couple of dollar bills in it. I took the money and put it in my bag.

I was just about to leave when something caught my eye. It was a little doll, wearing a bright red dress, just sitting there. I took it just in case I needed it. Suddenly, the door crashed open behind me. Literally, the door just flew off its hinges. Standing in the doorway was the man I had been warned about: Senor Gunman.

He was a little shorter than I was, but seemed to be in his 30’s. He was wearing a huge Sombrero, a bullet-shot vest, and had a rack of bullets around his shoulder. He also had dark black hair and a thick black mustache.

“Hey amigo, long time no see, eh?” he greeted. A few words left my mouth from the surprise. “What? You want to know who the hell I am?” he asked. “Oh, aye aye aye, you’ve been drinking too much Tequila!” he yelled, and suddenly pointed a pistol at my face. The muzzle of it was almost as large as my hand.

“Let’s duel! Take this gun!” he yelled, and threw a gun at me. Just then, Gregory walked by and noticed the two of us. “Hmm? <Gasp> Did I hear someone say something about a duel?” he asked. “Oh, how I envy the carelessness of youth. Gentleman, I would be honored as acting as your witness.” he offered.

Gregory set the both of us on the far ends of the hallway. “You must draw the instant this coin hits the ground.” he told the both of us, and threw the coin into the air. I told Gregory this isn’t necessary and that I’ve never even used a gun before. It suddenly seemed like time slowed down.

“So, you can’t see a reason to fight?” he asked “Well then, are you willing to die because of that, or will you shoot to defend yourself?” The coin was very close to hitting the floor. “My friend, it’s time to decide.” he said. The coin hit the ground with an echoing “BING!” and there was a loud “BANG!” It wasn’t my gun, but my rival’s.

Suddenly, there was a hole in Gregory’s head (thank goodness not mine). “Oh, I see…” he said, and collapsed on the ground. I could see Gunman’s eyes widen from down the hall. “Ahhh…oops…” he mumbled. “Heh heh…ha ha! HAHAHAHA!!!” he laughed madly, and took off, dropping the soul behind him. Suddenly, Gregory got up from the floor and ran into the closet. He still had the bullet in his head.

He ran out with a shotgun, and started shooting down the hallway. He turned to me, and said, “War has no meaning, except this: the survivor is always fighting for what’s right.” He continued to shoot down the hallway. “GET BACK HERE, YOU SCONDRAL!!!” he yelled, and ran down the hallway after him.

I collected the soul on the ground and put it in my bag. I still had the pistol, but I hid it in the closet because I thought it’d hurt me more than anyone else. I was still surprised how Gregory could take a shot to the head like that. Any normal person would’ve died…

The author's comments:
This is my second part to my second chapter to my first book of m first submission to Teen Ink

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