Here Comes Blue

May 24, 2010
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Whipping my self up from my bed as a quiet nursery rhyme filled my room I shivered in my bed. Rubbing my eyes and pulling the covers around me, I quickly scanned my room. Moving my eyes to the floor I widened my eyes as I watched in horror as a rag doll was dragged across my room. As it hit the opposite wall I fought back tears and screamed as the head of the doll rolled next to my bed and as blood seeped into the carpet splashing against my leg.
“Hannah?!” A voice called out.
Thrashing my arms around and still screaming I opened my eyes and gasped as hands grasped my wrists. Stopping suddenly as a familiar face stared at me I started to cry and shake violently, choking back sobs. As my mother wrapped her arms around me, I clung to her tightly. As she rocked me back and forth, humming quietly, I quieted down and allowed my eyes to shut. Sighing loudly and steadying my breath I fell asleep quickly.
“Wake up Hannah.” My mother whispered.
Rubbing my eyes I sat up slowly wincing at a sharp pain coming from my arm. Grabbing my arm and clutching it tightly I watched as my mother leaves my room. Biting my lip I looked at my arm and swallowed, feeling my stomach flip. A dark bruise not only covered my shoulder, but there was a huge scratch over it. Pulling my sleeve down, I silently slipped out of bed and trotted down the stairs. Slipping into the kitchen I quickly snatched a pop tart and ran upstairs. Shutting the door quietly I ripped open the wrapper and nibbled at the sweet pastry. Finishing the first tart and as I sat the treat down onto my bedside table, I crawled over to my wall cautiously. Rubbing my hand over the floor, I whipped it back as I came across a dark red faded splotch. Lifting my head over my shoulder I slowly stood up and clapped my hands together trying to get the dust off my hands.
“Mom” I yelled.

Tapping my foot I opened my door and shout out again. As I watched my mom run up silently I pointed into my room and walked her over to my floor.
“Have you noticed this red mark on my floor? It looks like a –“

Gasping as I bent down to touch the clean wood floor I noticed that the stain disappeared. As my mom glared at me suspiciously she opened my door and takes a graceful step out.
“If you’re going to bother me while I am working then actually make it important. Go over and bother Cam or something.” She hissed. 3/18

Not looking up I felt the annoyance and anger well up causing me to cry. Wiping tears that escaped my eyes I stood up and got ready. Not noticing any other marks or bruises, I hopped down the stairs and walked out my back porch silently. As I looked up at the bright blue sky, I lifted my sweatshirt up as it slid down my shoulder. As the neighborhood seemed to quiet I screamed as I tripped. Sitting up and rubbing my knee I mumbled how incredibly clumsy I was. Standing up to re-adjust my sweatshirt I held back another scream as the head of a doll stared at me blankly. Slipping up, I quickly dashed down the road feeling the lifeless dolls eye stare at me.

Slowing down to a walk, I breathed heavily as I approached Cam’s house. As I rang the doorbell and tapped my foot, jumping around quickly as I heard car doors slam. Waving at the neighbors I turned around and headed home. Kicking up rocks I looked down at my feet. Standing where the doll was I winced and ran home not looking back. Running into the house and walking passed a window I froze as a glimpse of a pale, young, girl flashed by. As I walked closer squinting at the sight I touched the window and she disappeared. Swallowing dryly I backed up, hitting a chair with my hip. Screaming, I ran up to my room and hugged my pillow closely. Shutting my eyes, I fell into a deep sleep. Waking up from a sudden burst of light in my room I sat up slowly. Watching my mom drop off my clothes on the floor she nodded at the door. Cam skipped in and smiled.
“Hey Hannah!” She exclaimed.
Rubbing my eyes I smiled and stood up nodding.
“I’m having a sleepover tonight. You’re invited! Your mom already packed everything so let’s go!” She giggled.

Giving a curious stare at my mother I got up and quietly walked down the stairs beside Cam. Smiling at the thought of getting out of this house and away from the spirit, or demon, I grabbed my bag and touched Cams shoulder.
“You’re it.”

Dashing out the door I sprinted down the street and around the corner. Feeling the wind blow harshly on my cheek I slowed down to a jog as I approached her house. Stopping I waved at the upcoming Cam from the hill. As she walked over to me breathing heavily she wiped her forehead and opened the door. As music escaped from the household I took off my shoes and walked in. Hugging my friends we spent most of the night singing, dancing, eating, and sharing stories. Once it hit midnight a girl name Sarah had a dark smile across her face. Standing up and wiping her hands on her legs she spoke quietly with a creepy tone.
“Let’s pair up and play Bloody Mary” she cackled.

Watching Cam grab my arm and pulling me to my feet she snickered back.
“Hannah and I will win this. We won’t be scared. Wait outside the bathroom and watch and learn.” She hissed.

As Cam dragged me to the bathroom I looked back at the watchful eyes and turned my head to the mirror as the door shut. As Cam locked the door and turned off the light she grabbed my hand and started to chant her name. Doing the same we opened our eyes. Staring blankly, Cam sighed loudly reaching for the light switch. Suddenly shivering Cam widened her eyes as she turned her attention to the mirror. Screaming loudly as red eyes glared at us curiously, Cam ran out slamming the door. As it locked by itself I bit my lip and winced as it slammed. As the eyes stared at me the mirror rippled and showed a dark, mysterious face. Gasping I shut my eyes. Waiting silently I opened my eyes to the smell of a fire. As I stared at the burning candle that was never lit till now, dark red wax was displayed on the countertop. It read, “Befriend my daughter, or you shall have consequences”. Widening my eyes I shook the door knob violently screaming at the top of my lungs. Turning the knob I tripped and rolled out breathing heavily. As I looked up at the other girls in horror I started to black out. Shutting my eyes I let the darkness fall over me, taking me in and pulling me into unconsciousness.

Waking up slowly I stared at the girls in the room. The sun was just rising. Standing up I tip toed around each of them and walked toward the bathroom. Touching the doorknob sent last nights events in my head. Wincing and stumbling back I ran to the stairs and sat down. Clutching my head and breathing heavily I looked up to see a young girl. She was exactly like the one I saw in the window. Jumping back and hitting the wall loudly I whipped my head sideways, looking down the hall. Making sure everyone was asleep I look back at the girl. Opening my mouth to speak the girl walked over slowly and bent down.
“Blue is thy name” She whispered quietly.

Widening my eyes I nodded and stammered.
“A…and I am... H... Hannah.”

As she smiled softly she leaned closer and reached out her hand, gesturing for me to take hers. Shaking my head I stared at her curiously. She shrugged and kneeled down holding a doll in her hand.
“Thou shall not take thy hand? Thou are scared, yes? I do apologize. I have frightened thou. I shall not hurt thou.”

Sighing in relief I touched her hand. He hand just went through mine. I winced and pulled it back holding my hand in my other. My hand was cold. It was actually frozen. Small ice crystals painted my fingers. I looked at her in horror. As she spun around lifting her dress in a curtsey, she took my hand and held it.
“We shall be close friends. I will teach thy story. You must help. Thy must be free.” She whispered softly.

Standing up I followed her to the door. Shivering I slipped on some sandals and walked out the door. Walking along the sidewalk I turned around. Everything was still. Nothing made noise, nothing made movement. All the birds in the sky were still. A car on the road was stopped and the person who was driving it, themselves was frozen. However, he was not aware of this. Shuddering I followed the young girl, or Blue, down the street. She hummed a tune that I didn’t recognize. It was eerie but pretty. Her voice was soft but quite high. As we entered a park she started to speed up. Going into a slow jog we stopped at a cemetery. Walking over to a grave she bent down and pointed to the inscription.
“Witch” She read allowed.

Wincing I bent down and touched the stone. It was ice cold. Rubbing my hands together I looked at her pitifully. She gave me a sad smile and stood up.
“No I shall tell you thy past.” She whispered.

Standing up she took my hand and started to walk forward. Pushing my hair back I shivered and nodded.
“I was born very early. Premature is what thou says, yes? Thy father left my mother and I before I was born. The belief in the village was thou who do not have a father, was a witch. People spread lies throughout the town. My mother hid me from the villagers who threatened to hurt us. The others spread the word that my mother killed me and bathed in my blood. However, the loss of me hurt her so. More lies spread saying she either killed the children of the village. One or two children disappeared every other week. They blamed my mother for killing there kin and bathing in their blood as they claimed she did to me.” She said quietly. Pausing for a second she started up again.
“Mother got really upset and eventually told everyone off. One night, while they thought she was sleeping, a few villagers and mothers came up to her house and burned thy house down. Mother was in the bathroom and our beautiful mirror collapsed on her. She couldn’t get up and escape.”

Wiping my eyes and holding my stomach I stayed quiet unsure what to say. I looked down at her and sighed, stopping abruptly.
“What does this have to do with me then?” I asked.
She gave me a soft smile and whispered, “Thou will be thy friend. If mother can she that human may find love and find truth than thou shall be free and so shall thy.”

Feeling incredibly dizzy I cupped my head in my hands and breathed softly and evenly. Opening my eyes I felt wind blow against my cheek. Everything was in motion now however I was standing in front of my house. Alone. Walking up mu steps I noticed my bags were neatly laid against my door. Lifting the up I walked inside quietly. Walking past the clock I froze. The clock read “3:12”. I tapped the clocks surface. I left the house at that time. I could have sworn I was with the young girl for hours. Shaking my head I opened the fridge and took a sip of some juice. Leaning against the counter my mind was empty. Dumping the rest of the liquid into the sink I walked upstairs and laid on my bed. Shutting my eyes I let myself pass out.

Waking up I sat up slowly keeping my eyes closed. Once I opened then I jumped back, widening my eyes and whimpering.
“Good Morning Hannah.” The girl replied.

It was Blue. The daughter of Bloody Mary. I shuddered and scooted back all the way to my dashboard. Leaning into it I stammered and waved, smiling weakly. Looking at the clock I walked around Blue and started to get ready. Trying not to pay attention to her I turned around and squealed. He lifeless eyes stared at me. She had a curious, but soft expression. A smile escaped her lips. She didn’t say anything but just kept staring at me. Turning around I walked out the door. She then spoke.
“You know you’re the only mortal to speak to me, or even see me. I must have scared thou very much. I did not mean too. However, I needed to get thou attention one way. I told thou friend Sarah to reach my mother. She did not know it was me though, as I just put the thought into her head.” She giggled.

Giving her a glare I walked down the stairs and hissed, “Don’t ever do that again? Not to me, not to anyone else. That’s wrong.” 4/8
As she widened her eyes she smiled softly and shrugged skipping away into the wall. A puff of dust flew out and she disappeared. I swear I could still here her foot steps.
“Hannah, is that you?” My mother yelled from the kitchen.
Jumping up from the sudden outburst I walked into the kitchen and sat down on a chair.

“Why are you home so early? It’s only nine.” She asked sternly.
I shrugged and grabbed an apple taking a bite out of it.

“Everyone else left for a soccer game, so I decided to leave as well.”
My mother gave me a glare but walked off with a cup of copy.

“I’ll be working late tonight so don’t bother me. Well, unless you really need too of course.” She shouted.

Updated Later if you want more

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