Crystal Peice

May 24, 2010
By Kelsey_loves_brett BRONZE, In The Closet, Kentucky
Kelsey_loves_brett BRONZE, In The Closet, Kentucky
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One heart is holding on while the other is leting go, i wish itd grad hold n b stong

What they thought was going to be the best day ever...turned out to be the worst day of their lives.

Lillian Marie Grace had just stepped out of the carriage from her evening with Andrew Jacoby. As they were walking to the door he suddenly stopped and said softly, "My beloved love of my life, never leave me, for I am going off to war, to save the country from terrorists. When I get back (get on his knees) we will be together forever. Will you marry me?"
Lillian shrieked in excitement with a yes as they met with a kiss. He told her he would come back to her no matter what. As he rode away on horseback, Lilly ran to inform her parents. Her parents said, "No he is a disgrace to this family due to his lack of money, education, and fellowship with us. It will never happen. You can cross my heart on that." Lilly ran away in disbelief crying her eyes out. As he came to say goodbye to her for his carriage awaits him. He also told her to be ready when he got back from Iraq they were to get married that day. He announced to her as he was leaving, "I promise to write you everyday, I love you, and will come back for you I promise (kisses her romantically)."
As he had promised he wrote her everyday. Upon his arrival home, he flung himself from his carriage and ran to Lilly, and hugged her. He told her in sarcasm, "Told you I'd be back for you." Lilly was already wearing her wedding gown. He was also ready. All dressed up in his army uniform. As Lilly walked up to the church doors, her friends, and family were gathered around. Lilly was astounded by the magnificent decorations. At that exact moment Lilly froze at the sight of the shimmering chandelier above her. Her eyes sparkled as if she had diamond eyes. Soon she managed to remove her eyes from the chandelier to walk down the aisle to meet up with Andrew and the preacher.
As she was underneath the chandelier the doors flew open she turned around to see her father with a 12 gage shotgun in his hand. He shot it up and the chandelier collapsed, falling straight toward Lilly. Andrew jumped over her to save her. When the chandelier hit Andrew a metal pole was stabbed into his stomach. Lilly screamed at the sight of the blood going all over the floor. As soon as Lilly had got to her feet her father shoved her down and hit her in the head with the end of the shotgun. Her head began to bleed. He then turned toward Andrew and shot him in him head. Andrew fell over dead. The people in the church started jotting out screaming in terror. Her father looked down at her and said, "Look at you, you ugly girl. With all that crappy makeup smeared across your face. I thought I told you it will never be." He held the gun against her head, he told her good luck, as he pulled the trigger.
Lillian fell back beside Andrew. He had killed her. The two victims caught up in love were dead. The cops had surrounded the church. With nothing more to his life, Darren, Lilly's father committed suicide. Samantha, Lilly's mom ran in, when she saw the three of them lying on the ground dead, she shrieked and ran to Lilly. She had seen a crystal from the chandelier lying in Lilly's hand; she had tried to stab her father. Her mom all full of tears grabbed the crystal from Lilly's hand. She walked over to Darren and through her wedding ring at him and said, "You ruined my daughter I ruined our relationship." Then she walked out. Lillian and Andrew were buried side by side. They were now in heaven unlike Darren. Darren was cremated and they poured his ashes in the ocean. He needed no love or grief.


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