Irish Reckoning pt.3

May 23, 2010
“Much easier when they’re sleeping,” said Milligan, picking up Mancini’s .45.
“So they tipped this guy off last time?” asked McKenna.
“Yep.” Milligan loaded a clip into the gun.
“Plan was, Kelman would go first, get shot, then Telpur would finish off Mancini.”
“But the then the Italians would know we did it.”
“Yes, but we leave his family alive. Not the most “Irish” of gestures, yeah?”
“Ahhh…but there was an Irish body before. Why’s it different this time?”
“It isn’t.”
Three .45 rounds punched into McKenna’s chest, felling him like timber. Milligan placed the .45 near Mancini’s hand, then ran down the fire escape.

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