Things That I See

May 21, 2010
By Anonymous

My life is different from others. Things that aren’t normal in your life are in mine.
It started when I was 12 years old. I was in a horrific car accident that killed my older brother and sister.
I died too, but something pulled me back. At least that’s what the doctors said. What I know is that I wasn’t brought back; I was pushed back into my body by something stronger than me.
Now, it’s 3 years later, and things between my parents and I are so much different. I have built up walls around me to try to block out the things that I have been able to see since I woke up in that hospital bed with a lady standing at the foot of my bed.
I stared at her for a few moments, then my mom came in the room and when I turned back to look at her she had disappeared.
I knew then I was different.
Now as I sit in fourth period I’m trying hard not to laugh, and my best friend, Lexi, can tell.
Lexi knows about the things I see.
She was there with me every second I was in the hospital, and even after I went home she was there. So finally one day when she asked why I always stared off into space I told her about the things I see
First she thought I was crazy, but when she woke up to me talking to thin air and finding out secrets that only my brother (her boyfriend) knew and had carried to the grave with him, she finally started to believe.
Now when she asks what is so funny I don’t have to lie to her.
“There is a guy in the front of the classroom, wearing nothing but a pair of polka dotted underwear, dancing like a crazy man.” I told her
She couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image that gave her. But, unfortunately, that got us in trouble with Mrs. Oaks.
The bell rang and I walked to my locker where the crazy dancer man was waiting for me.
“You can see me, cant you?” he asked
I didn’t say anything, but I shook my head yes.
“Then, will you help me?”
I looked around to make sure nobody was in hearing distance.
“What do you need help with, finding your pants?” I asked him
He touched my arm and images played in my head.
The images were of him. He was in the woods on the ground with a man standing above him. He had a gash above his right eyebrow and it looked like he had a broken jaw. He was also unconscious, or dead.
The man that was standing above him was wearing a long black jacket with the collar pulled high. He took one last look at the man on the ground and walked away.
The final images I saw were of the man in the coat walking away without looking back at the dead guy on the ground.
“You were murdered.” I said when I could finally see again.
“Yes I was, by my backstabbing brother. Now he lives in my house with my wife and my daughter, and there is nothing I can do about it.” He said
“Okay so what do you want me to do about it?”
“I need you to help me find my body and bring it to the police. Please, it’s the one thing I have to do before I leave my family. And I need you to tell them what happened.”
“Okay, I’ll help you with the whole body and police thing, but how do you expect me to tell them what happened? I have never told anybody about what I can see. Not even my parents know. The only person that knows is my best friend.”
“Please, you have to tell them the truth. My brother has to be punished for what he did to me; I can’t let him stay in the same house as my family. There will be evidence on my body that will lead the police to my brother.” He said
I stared at him contemplating what I should do.
“Ok where do I need to start?”
“In the woods near Rushing Rapids River.” He told me “I’ll meet you there.” Then he disappeared.
I pulled my keys out of my pocket right as Lexi came up to me.
“So where are we going?” she asked
“Body hunting.” I told her.

We pulled up to the tree line and got out of the car. Then I saw him. He looked at me then walked into the trees. I grabbed Lexi’s hand and dragged her behind me trying to keep up with him.
“It should be here.” He said when we finally caught up.
I looked at Lexi. I could tell that she was starting to freak out a little.
“Whose body are we looking for exactly?” she asked
“The crazy polka dot dancer guy, he says that his body should be here somewhere so we need to start looking.” I told her
We started shuffling our feet around in the dry leaves. Finally, after about two hours of searching, I kicked over a pile of leaves and saw what was left, which honestly wasn’t much. It was a skeleton mostly with some old and tattered pieces of cloth.
I called over to Lexi and then we walked back to the main road and called the police.
I gave them our location and told them what we had found. After that we waited for about ten minutes before we finally saw the flashing blue lights of the police cars.
We walked through the woods and showed them the pile of bones. I told them the story that Lexi and I had rehearsed while we had waited for them to show up: we were walking through the woods looking for something for a school project when we found it. They bought our story and then we were sent on our way with another round of twenty million questions.
That night I was lying in bed reading a book that was part of my collection on my bookshelf when I looked up and saw him standing at the foot of my bed.
“Thank you,” he said
“For what?” I asked
“What you did to help me today, thanks.”
“It’s what I do. Unfortunately.” I said
Then he disappeared. I haven’t seen him since then so my guess is that he’s gone for good, but a few days after he left I saw an article in the newspaper: Cold Case Reopened. It talked about two local girls finding the body of billionaire, William Adamson, and do to evidence found at the seen, his brother is now being held under investigation. Police will release more info when they find something.
More ghosts have come to me since then, so Lexi and I have been on many different adventures and I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

The author's comments:
Nothing really inspired this piece. I was just sitting in class and started thinking about differnt things, so I started writing them down, and this is what it became.

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