the bright side of death part 2

May 21, 2010
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I cried I've never seen something so horrible. my mom is dead.The only family I had left was gone because of Paul.They let him go,but how could they do that.My mom is dead because of him.He's not going to get away with this.If the police won't do anything then I will.

Paul is having a funeral for my mom,and it starts at two o clock.I am going to that but I don't want to see that drunk Paul.I don't know how he got away with this.The funeral going to be horrible knowing my loss.The mall barley offer hand outs.So I have to go door to door for food.

Some times the people will give me food but others they won't.Now I'm really living on my own.My mom would want me to have more then this.Since the day she died I've been going to church every Sunday;I would get the nice clothes from the homeless shelter

A lot of the people at church know me because they see me on the street everyday.Some times they even give me money for food and other things.Ever since I gone ti church,people would look out for me.Some of the people there even offered me a place to stay:I would always turn them down.I don't want them to feel sorry for me.I can take care of myself I have been for a year now.

I was at the funeral and I see my mom in her death bed.I'm happy for my mom because I know she is in a better place.I'll see her again though.I'm going to get him back.The guy I once called father is going to pay.He going to be locked up.

After the funeral I saw Paul and I started screaming.
"you I'm going to get you this is all your fault,she died because of you Murderer!" I said while pushing him and hitting him.People tole me to stop,but I never did.I got him to the ground and I'm still beating him.people kept trying to pull me off him,but no one could.All of the sudden i saw this bright light shining in the sky.
"honey you need to stop don't become of him." she said with a clam gentle voice.
"Mom is that really you". I said with tear sliding down my cheek.I stopped hitting Paul.I got up and looked at every one and they are looking me sacred;I turned around and notice Paul was gone.This time it was my fault.I dropped to my knees and screamed off the top of my lugs.

What have I done.I murdered the man i once called father.I took the grief of my mom death and blamed him.
"what have I done" I whispered to myself and every one around me.They all were watching me and I started to cry with Paul's body lying dead on the ground in front of me.I took out my dagger.I said
"Their a brighter side of death.I cut my throat, and there my body was lying on the ground dead.My life is over now;nothing can change that.I have moved on to a brighter place.As of now my mom and I are together now and forever.


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