Bob Ross Zombie Nightmare

May 21, 2010
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It was a dark, stormy night in the small town of Valley Center, California. Little Dylan was having a sleepover with his friend, Chris. Dylan’s parents were out of town so they had the house to themselves the whole night. They were in Dylan’s room playing a rousing game of Super Violence Gore Blood 4, when they began to hear strange noises coming from outside. “What’s that?” Chris said. “It’s probably just a tree branch hitting the window; it’s really windy out tonight.” “Yea, you’re probably right”, replied Chris. After eating paint chips for a few hours, they decided to call it a night. Dylan and Chris climbed into bed with each other, and began to lick toads.

Suddenly, they heard a loud noise coming from the basement. “Wh...What was that?” Chris said, shaking with fear. “It….it was probably nothing, don’t worry about it.” The noises became louder and louder, and then suddenly, they stopped. All was quiet. It was an eerie silence that swept over them like a wave of hot goat urine. After a few minutes, they got up and slowly walked to the door. “Open it” Said Dylan, “No way, you do it.” Chris replied. After a game of rock paper scissors, Dylan slowly opened the door and looked down the hall. “Ok, I don’t see anything, I think it’s safe.” They walked out of his room and down the hall and had a look around, but they couldn’t find anyone. “It must have been our imagination” “Yea, were the only ones here”. They started walking back up to Dylan’s when they heard a loud banging noise coming from the front door. When they turned around, something was trying to break down the front door.

They ran upstairs as fast as they could and into Dylan’s parents room to get the shotgun under his dad’s bed. They barricaded the door and hid in the closet. They could hear something slowly walking up the stairs and towards their room. Scared for their lives, Dylan looked over at Chris and told him how he really felt. “This is lame” Chris was speechless. “Totally.” Just as they began to talk about Dylan’s 27 kill streak in Modern Warfare 2, the door to the room burst open, and they let out a loud scream. They heard footsteps coming closer to the closet as their hearts pounded at what they knew would be their imminent doom.

Suddenly, the door of the closet was ripped right off its hinges as the strange being let out a bestial wail, much like a wild baboon in heat. “Hey guys” he said. They looked up and saw that it was their friend Brandon. “Oh what’s up dude” Dylan replied. They went into Dylan’s room and played Modern Warfare 2 the rest of the night before promptly getting to bed at 8:30 PM. “Oh sorry about your house”, said Brandon. “It’s cool” Dylan said.
The end.

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