The Box Cutter

May 21, 2010
By Kid2fresh BRONZE, Moreno Valley, California
Kid2fresh BRONZE, Moreno Valley, California
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It was a very misty night when Jayveon and his cousin Keron were walking home. It was 9:43PM, and they were just at their friend’s house where they normally hung out. They were making their way home as a car pulls up. A black male demanded them to get in his car. The two boys attempted to run when three large men emerged out of the back of the car. They then grabbed them and pulled them in. A man shouted,” keep their heads down make sure they stay quiet.
Jayveon was very frighten and started freaking out, shaking and squirming around. His cousin was just laying there motionless. “Where are you taking us what do you want?” said Jayveon. “Shut up,” the man hissed back, “someone shut that damn boy up!” Then it all went black for Jayveon. He awoke in a room, on a couch with his cousin eating. Keron has dried up tears on his face as if he had been crying for a long time. “Where are the men?” Jayveon asked. Keron replied, “I don’t know, but I know they will be back. Jayveon said, “What do you think they want with us?” “Shut up Jayveon, you know why we are here, and you know what they want!” replied Keron angrily. Suddenly the door opened, and the man who told them to get in the car appeared. The two boys stopped talking and the man asked Jayveon, “Have you had anything to eat?” “No,” Jayveon said ‘how do you know my name?” The man said, “I know a lot about you and your cousin. But enough with the small talk you ready to give me what is mine?” “What is there to give you?” Jayveon said. “Why do you have us here and what do you want with us?’ The man said, “I’m going be back in an hour, you are going to give me what I want, or something bad is going to happen.” Then the man left the room and slammed the door. Keron yelled “wont you just tell him were the stuff is?” It is none of our business what he does.’’ Jayveon replied, “Keron won’t you just stop being a punk for once, can you do that?” “What do you think he’s going to do with us?” asked Keron. “I don’t know man just be strong. We can make it out of here,” replied Jayveon.
The two sat there for hours on end, waiting for the men to return. They heard a scream; a scream that you couldn’t imagine. The door opens and the man reentered with a dissatisfied look on his face. Then he said, “So are you going to tell me what I need to know or what?” The boys stayed quiet as the man charged towards them with anger. He yelled in their faces, “So you want to play tuff guy?” You’re going to end up getting you and your cousin in some serious trouble? I’ll tell you what you give me what I need and I’ll let you go. If not I have ways of dealing with tuff guys. “Jayveon said man I don’t know what you are talking about!” Alright we can play that game Damarkes said. Then Damarkes said a boy’s go and get the box cutter and the table with the hand cuffs on it. Then Damarkes asked Keron heads or tales? Umm I don’t know why! Damarkes said boy just pick one! Alright tails Keron said back. The man then tossed the quarter in the air and let it drop on the floor. He said a tails never fails. So Jayveon your first, then the man made a disturbing grin.
The men returned back in the room with a brown table with hand cuffs hanging down the side the table looked like it was assembled by a 5th graders. The thing that caught my eye was the maroon box cutter, it had a sliver lever and it had dried darkish brown residue on the blade. They laid Jayveon on the table and cuffed to it. Then the man said my name is Damarkes Lenton, and I just thought you should no the mans name who is going to kill you I tried to reasonable but you didn’t want help so. No matter a fact ill give you one more chance before I start. “Damarkes said so for the last time boy are you going to give me the stuff you stole from my house.” “I don’t have it,” Jayveon hissed back. Keron yelled,” he’s going to kill you just tell him.” Jayveon said,” shut the hell up Keron be a man.” Then Keron said Jayveon your dad always told us pride would get you killed and look at us now.” “Jayveon then said man forget about my dad look were he’s at he left us my dad left me and your dad is dead so it does not matter what anybody dad says we all got to go some time. Just then Damarkes cut one of Jayveons fingers off the scream that had heard from up stairs was just like the one Jayveon made when his finger got cut off. They put it in a bag then the man grabbed his ear then he cut it off and he said I told you to give you my stuff back I guess you didn’t here me so you don’t need something you cant here out of then he laughed. Then he lifted Jayveons shirt and cut a straight line from Jayveon chest to his stomach. It looked as if he was getting a Cseason. Jayveons eyes were blood shot red and he could do nothing but scream and then the brought a big bag down stairs and they open it a man was in there it was Jayveons father and he appeared to be dead. Keron said Jayveon look it’s your father! Then the man said I bet you want to see him don’t you huh. Then he grabbed Jayveons face and then took the box cutter and started to crave his eyeball out Keron jumped up and tried to help his cousin and a man grabbed him but to his surprise it was Jayveons dad his own uncle was the one who grabbed him back from trying to help his cousin and he said what the hell are you doing uncle Malcom. Malcolm said don’t worry you will be next then he laughed. By this time Jayveon had already passed out and he was covered with blood. Then they took him off the table, And Damarkes turned to Keron and said your turn. Malcom put him on the table and cuffed him down and then Damarkes said you were telling your cousin to tell me were my belongings were why you didn’t tell me yourself. Then he grabbed his tongue Keron bit down. Damarkes slapped him and then him by his cheeks and then had one of the larger men come with the pliers and pulled out his tongue he grabbed the box cutter and cut it out. Then out of no ware the cop busted in and arrested the men. As soon as they grabbed Damrkes. The maroon box cutter dropped to the floor and Jayveon grabbed it and put it in his pocket. The cops busted in there house because the Damarkes house was being staked out for months and the cops had finally got a warrant to bust in the house and take them down. The man was a known cereal killer and molester and Jayveon and Keron had found one of Damarkes victims when they had broke in to his house to rob it. But instead of finding money and valuables they found a girl who was tied up in his house. The boys had her hidden out at there friends house But the two boys will never for get the night of the box cutter

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